Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I shared motherly love with orphaned kittens who had no mommies.

Update: Dust Bunny was adopted on October 21st!

Many of the homeless, motherless newborn kittens we rescued during the past few months have Dust Bunny to thank for their survival.

Most arrived terrified and screaming for mothers they no longer had.  But once we fed them with eye-droppers to fill their starving bellies, we gave them to Dust Bunny, and the screaming stopped.  She pulled them close to her, licking them to both clean and comfort them, giving the babies the all-important nurturing they needed to survive.  And she stayed with them, socializing them as if they were her own.

Previously, Dust Bunny was rescued herself.  One of our staff found her and her newborn kittens stuffed in a box by a dumpster. 

Our staff recognized that her maternal care was exceptional, and when her own babies were old enough and needed to be separated from her (to be spayed/neutered and adopted), we asked Dust Bunny to help with a litter of motherless newborn kittens we had just rescued.  She took to them instantly and vigorously began nurturing them.

Her heroic efforts continued.  Long after her milk had dried, Dust Bunny enthusiastically sought out and accepted orphaned, rescued newborn kittens.  In total, besides her own litter of babies, she saved 5 litters of newborn kittens!

Now, it is her time to get adopted.  Very special thanks to the kind people at Pet'ographique for this breathtaking portrait to help her find a forever home.

Dust Bunny is a petite Tabby and Manx mix (with a stub tail).  She is now spayed and approximately 4 years of age. 

Along with her great love for kittens, she has tremendous affection for people too.  Please visit our free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms and meet this sweetheart in person.