Saturday, December 3, 2016


Lynnette is deeply grateful for kindness. Talk sweet to her and she melts in your hands and her eyes swell with gratitude. 

Lynnette is a humble young girl, a Longhair Dachshund mix, 3 years of age, good with other dogs, now spayed and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA

At the time of rescue she was found in peril in the middle of a road with no sign of responsible ownership. Her especially peculiar position in the road was deemed most likely to be her attempt to wait for the return of the person(s) who abandoned her there.

Bahama Blue

Bahama Blue, a jolly and very friendly boy, overflows with hope for a wonderful fresh start. 
He is a plump Siberian Husky, 7 years of age and neutered, good with other dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Bahama Blue was at another shelter that asked for our help. His ice-like, translucent eyes have some vision impairment, perhaps resulting in him being nippy if a stranger lunges at him unexpectedly. We have not witnessed any nipping or snapping. 
Please take extra precautions for Bahama Blue near pools, steep stairs, and other potential hazards.


Ferris is 1 of 45 rescued kittens for adoption today! There also 100 sweet, rescued adult felines ready for adoption too at Nevada SPCA!

Ferris likes to chase crinkle ball toys, nap in sun-rays by windows, and bond with cats and people. 
He is an exceptionally cute junior kitten, a cream & white medium-hair, 8 months of age and neutered. 
Ferris has been lovingly raised and socialized in a foster home since his rescue.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Cammie explores empty boxes and new toys with glee. 
She is a petite young girl and still very kitten-like with enthusiasm and curiosity. 
Cammie is a beautiful shorthair, great with other cats, now spayed and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Cammie was rescued with her babies earlier this year. We placed mom and kittens in a foster home so she could raise and socialize them in the peace of a home environment. (Her babies have since been spayed/neutered and adopted.)


Nancy is delighted to find baskets of all shapes and sizes. With a cozy blanket, she finds them to be the most comfortable and peaceful places for her catnaps.

Nancy is a golden brown tabby, 1 year young, great with other cats, spayed, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA
She needed us due to her previous owners' financial hardship.


Pompeii, a youngster so desperate for acceptance, hugs new people and closes his eyes hoping for approval. If he hears your praise, he pops his eyes open and his whole body wiggles with delight!

We admire Pompeii's Batman-like appearance. He is a blend of Retriever and other breeds with sable tuxedo coloring, 2 years of age and neutered, good with other dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA
We rescued Pompeii from another shelter that ran out of space.


Charlie is a well-behaved, handsome youngster with a heart of gold. 

He is housetrained and compatible with cats, children, and dogs. 

Charlie is a Heinz 57 with Plott Hound and his tiger brindle coloration is stunning. He is 1 year of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.