Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I really want you to consider me.

Kino loves to show off his immense charm and colorful personality! 

He is an earnest, optimistic boy eager to join a loving forever home. 

Kino is a Chihuahua with a cute, "little wolf"-like appearance, about 8 years of age and neutered, great with other dogs, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for capturing his bright spirit in these new portraits.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Julian wants to join a stable, quiet home where he will be treasured. 

His past was a violent one and he will cry and shake if anyone around him exhibits any anger, fearing that he will be the target of the rage. 

But Julian is blooming, relishing the kindness of staff and volunteers, and he is ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

He is a cute Toy & Terrier mix, 5 years of age and neutered, good with other dogs, and housetrained & crate-trained. 

Great thanks to Pet'ographique for these sensational portraits to help Julian find a lifelong hero.

Can I show you the new me?

Smokey has certainly earned a second look, thanks to his remarkable behavior improvements as he has developed with the loving guidance of dedicated volunteers. 

This morning he was beaming with the biggest smiles as he played "matador" with a volunteer -- running to her and then past her, and then circling around and doing it again and again. 

Smokey is 1 year of age, a neutered boy, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, housetrained, and great with other dogs. 

He becomes very attached to those he loves. 

Please visit Nevada SPCA and ask for Smokey by name.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Thank you for not giving up on me.

Pluto is a tiny, 7-pound boy with enormous loving potential and he is recovering steadily from a violent, cruel past. 

We rescued him in June from another shelter and he had open wounds across his body, most consistent with road rash from being struck by a vehicle. 

Physically, he has healed beautifully this summer and he triumphantly debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Emotionally, Pluto is still a work in progress, but he is learning to trust and realizing that people can be kind. 

Pluto is 7 years of age and neutered.  We believe he will adjust best in a home with a big brother or sister dog. 

Please help find a hero for Pluto.


Five weeks ago Galahad was at another shelter that asked for our help so he could recover from starvation. 

He was emaciated, a Great Pyrenees weighing only 77 pounds. 

Galahad is now 86 pounds, his energy is recovering, and he is debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

He is shy, so a very gentle home is ideal. 

Galahad gets along well with other dogs and he is neutered and about 6 years of age. 

We want to find him a home where he can continue regaining weight and where he will never know desperate hunger again.

"The Little Women Puppies"




Amy, Elizabeth, Josephine, and Margaret are precious, huggable baby sisters debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

The girls are named after the sisters in the classic novel and movie "Little Women".

Their previous owners said their mother is an English Mastiff and their father is a Neapolitan Mastiff.  We rescued the girls and, in turn, they fixed the parents so there would be no further breeding.

The puppies are now 3 months of age and spayed.  They will almost certainly grow to very large size, so please plan and budget accordingly.

The girls can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting them together for lifelong love and companionship.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The concerned words of a child to a teacher saved me and my babies.

A teacher heroically rescued Sylvia from an abusive home after hearing from one of her students that a family member was kicking their pregnant dog. 

We placed Sylvia in a nurturing foster home where she gave birth to 3 babies, and all survived.  (Sylvia's puppies will remain in foster care until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered.) 

Sylvia is a remarkably sweet Toy Fox Terrier & Chihuahua mix, 2 years of age, now spayed and debuting for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Sylvia is learning that humans can be kind and she is healing well emotionally. 

She must see only the best of human nature from now on.  Please help us find Sylvia a wonderful, stable, forever home.