Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Russo is a friendly boy pleading for a stable home. 

He was abandoned outside of a nursing home and begged the staff there for help and food. 

Russo is now neutered and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA in the Lovebug Room. He is a Harlequin bunny, 2 years of age.

Dolly & Dudley

Dudley & Dolly, devoted siblings, like to live indoors & outdoors, swim in wading pools, and enjoy their meals and treats in separate bowls. 

They are exceptionally friendly youngsters and bonded for life. 

Their previous owner reportedly acquired them around Easter when they were babies. Both are completely dependent on people for survival. 

Please share their post to help them find a social home where they will get lots of quality time daily. 

They are large, American Pekin ducks, bred by some for eating, so their lifetime safety and well-being is of utmost concern when finding them a forever home.

Nevada SPCA


Elijah, a resplendent junior puppy, is charismatic and devoted to those who are sweet to him. 

He is a Siberian Husky, 9 months of age, good with other large dogs, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA

Elijah was surrendered for chewing, but this is a natural and necessary puppy behavior, so the key is directing his attention to toys he can safely chew.


Clover sprints like a cheetah and climbs cat towers with agility. 

This sporty baby boy is fearless and curious about everything, especially people, cats, and toys that slither. 

Clover is a lovable kitten, 3 months of age, now neutered and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA

He was rescued from another shelter that ran out of space.


Taffy, a bashful junior puppy, wants tons of reassuring hugs. 

She is most content when she can lean her head against your body and feel safe. 

Taffy is a Poodle & Shih-Tzu, 7 months of age and spayed, good with other sweet dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA

At the time of rescue Taffy had a broken leg (from an unknown massive trauma). 

She asks for a calm home environment where she will be showered with adoration.


Shane, a baby bundle of love, perks his ears up when you compliment him or tell him it's playtime. 

He is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix puppy, 3 months of age and neutered, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA

Shane was surrendered by his previous owner for being too playful with the family's small dogs. 

Please puppy-proof your home and yard for his safety.

Apple & her daughters



Apple, a young and demure Poodle mix, was homeless and pregnant when her previous owners moved away without her. 
In February she gave birth to two girls, Annalee and Darla. Their father is unknown, but suspected of being an Italian Greyhound. 
Apple and her daughters are now spayed and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. Apple (1 year of age) has a lovely spirit and Annalee and Darla (4 months of age) are affectionate and playful.