Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We both love kids, so what was the problem?

Update: Chico & Sissy were adopted on August 24th!

Adopt Chico & Sissy and welcome two petite angels into your life forever.

They are playful, animated, often silly youngsters, full of love.

Chico & Sissy are brother and sister, and soul-mates, and need to remain together throughout their lives.

They are very cute, small Terrier mixes, spayed/neutered, and about 3 years of age.

Chico & Sissy are reportedly compatible with kind children of all ages. However, their previous owner surrendered them to us when she became pregnant (and no further reason was given for their rejection).

Please note they are reportedly escape artists, so a very secure home and yard is essential for their safety and protection.

We hope you visit and spend time with Chico & Sissy on our adoption patio. They are anxious to begin their new lives with a committed, caring family.