Monday, July 5, 2010

Please help me continue to build self-esteem and blossom.

Update: Betsy was adopted on July 22nd!

It is hard enough to lose a home and the people you love and depend on. But Betsy was also pregnant when her previous owner was deployed and she faced additional trauma with all of the momentous changes.

We found a very compassionate foster home for her so she could have her babies in peace.

Betsy's 8 babies all survived and flourished with tender foster care. The 3 girls and 5 boys are also featured on this site, nicknamed the "Crazy 8 Doxie Puppies".

Betsy is a standard Dachshund, 2 years young, now spayed and ready for adoption today.

She will do best in a quieter, calmer home where she can gain confidence and feel secure.

Dachshund knowledge and/or experience is preferred for her adoption.

Betsy enjoys other kind, gentle dogs.