Thursday, July 29, 2010

I adore sweet people and tuna fish.

Update: Cotton Candy was adopted on October 8th!

If you are seeking a beautiful cat best in a quiet household, then please consider Cotton Candy.

She is a snow-white Persian, spayed female, about 5 years of age.

Cotton Candy has a mid-grade heart murmur and needs a calmer lifestyle routine, but this does not stop her from climbing to the highest possible points in rooms for her catnaps.

Regular brushing and grooming are essential for Persians, so please plan accordingly.

She is probably best as the only cat in the home. She may be fine with easy-going, respectful cats too though.

Like all cats, Cotton Candy needs an indoor-only home for her safety and protection.

Please visit Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms and ask for her by name. She is one of 200 rescued, spayed/neutered cats for adoption today.

Very special thanks to the compassionate people at Pet'ographique for this stunning portrait.