Monday, August 10, 2009

Despair is fading away and hope is building.

Update: Cooper was adopted on August 10th!

came to us for rescue matted from head to tail.

We shaved the tangles and knots away, and underneath all of the filth, we discovered an incredibly endearing and sweet little boy.

Cooper is still technically a puppy at approximately 11 months of age. He is most likely a Shih-Tzu & Toy Poodle mix, "parti-colored" with black & white.

He has a gentle, shy, and unassuming personality. He is reportedly fine with older, mature kids.

Besides regular grooming, Cooper needs a quieter lifestyle. He has a mild heart murmur. It does not require medication at this time, but please consult with your veterinarian in the years to come to monitor this condition.

Cooper's temperament is improving daily and really starting to shine. This sweetheart has so much to look forward to in a loving, caring, attentive home.