Saturday, July 25, 2009

You be my loving guardian and I will be your little angel.

Update: Caramel was adopted on July 27th!

is an incredibly adorable puppy who is learning how loving and attentive people can be. Her future with a very caring owner will give her self-esteem and peace-of-mind.

She and her mother and father and brother were all abandoned at once by their previous "caretaker". It was clear they were neglected and unloved. Her father and brother were sick with the deadly parvo virus (and they are receiving intensive medical treatment).

Caramel and her mother Layla avoided coming down with the disease. They are bonded and we would love for them to go home together, forever, but this is not required.

Caramel is a Maltese mix, spayed female, approximately 8 months of age.

Please plan on regular grooming for her, and budget extra accordingly.

An experienced home is required for her due to the past abuse and helping her overcome any lingering emotional issues from her past.

Caramel and Layla are two of more than a dozen dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.