Thursday, October 28, 2010

Will you be our guardian angel?

Update 2: Cleetus was adopted on October 30th!

Update: Clea and Klem were adopted on October 29th!

Clea, and her brothers Cleetus and Klem, are nicknamed the "Heavenly Puppies" because of their angelic, super sweet temperaments.

The trio debuts for adoption today.  They are Labrador Retriever mixes, spayed/neutered, about 4 months of age, and they will grow to medium or large size.

Their debut is especially triumphant.  Last month a man walked in our lobby with a plastic container, dropped it on the floor, and then bolted out the doors and ran as fast as he could to his car.  These three babies were curled up together, shivering in fright, and it turned out the boys were very sick with the deadly parvo virus.

We had Cleetus and Klem treated extensively at a veterinary hospital and both made full recoveries.  Fortunately, Clea did not develop the disease. (Please visit our Donate page at our main web site if you can make a tax-deductible donation to help cover the treatments that saved their lives.)

The Heavenly Puppies can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair for lifelong companionship.  We urge you to carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety and protection.

Please help us find them loving, forever homes by spreading the word about these babies to family and friends, using the button bar below, by email, Twitter, Facebook, or Buzz.  Thank you.