Friday, October 22, 2010

Will our futures be full of love and tenderness?

Dewy, Stewy, Lewy, and Huey
Update 2: Dewy, Lewy, and Stewy were adopted on October 25th!

Update: Huey was adopted on October 23rd!

These precious baby boys debut for adoption today.

You may remember their momma, Curly Sue, who was previously featured on this site.  (She is pictured at the bottom of this post.)  She was rescued off the streets the day before giving birth to four babies, named Dewy, Huey, Lewy, and Stewy.

Mom and boys were placed in foster care for loving attention and nurturing.  Curly Sue was spayed and adopted earlier this month.  She is a Pekingese and we do not know who their father is, so while they look like purebreed Pekingese puppies we cannot say this for sure.

Curly Sue's puppies are now neutered and ready for adoption.  They can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair for lifelong companionship.

The boys are very even-tempered, sensitive, and gentle.  They will need regular professional grooming care, so please plan and budget extra accordingly.

Pekingese knowledge and/or experience is preferred for their adoptions.

Curly Sue, mother of the Pekinge mix puppies