Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please do not give up on me. I am just so afraid of being hurt again.

Update: Funyon was adopted on October 23rd!

Speak to Funyon softly and she will gentle and humbly snuggle up with you, desperately seeking security from a world that has shown her youth such cruelty.

We see tremendous loving potential in this sensitive, devoted girl.

Funyon is a beautiful Border Collie mix, spayed, about 3 years of age.

Severe past abuse has shattered her trust and confidence in people.  To build self-esteem she needs time and patience in an experienced, quiet, adult-only home.

While there are no instant fixes to healing her soul, being with another dog (or dogs) in the home may help her adjust.

Funyon is reportedly crate-trained, but has accidents when she becomes particularly terrified.

Her last owners got rid of her for being "too nervous".  Her fragile, tender spirit cannot handle more rejection, so please only consider her if you are fully committed to her emotional rehabilitation.