Friday, October 15, 2010

Perhaps I am perfectly imperfect?

Lester is a sporty boy with a spunky, winning personality.

He was abandoned at a local veterinary clinic, because he had wounded his right eye and they no longer wanted him, and he had nowhere to go.  We made room for him at Nevada SPCA.

Though Lester's right eye is scarred and hinders his vision in that eye, his left eye is good condition and he has adjusted well with this handicap.

Lester has so many wonderful qualities and we believe he will fit into many types of living situations with ease.  He has a calm, loving manner and deserves a committed owner who knows that he can be a perfect companion, regardless of his appearance.

Please ask for Lester by name in our free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.  He and 200 other rescued, spayed/neutered felines await you today.