Saturday, October 16, 2010

My foster mom is a hero.

Update: Lila was adopted on October 23rd!

Gentle people with tender touches and soft voices are the guardian angels for baby animals and special needs animals who have a fragile hold on life.

These foster parents do not seek the limelight or financial reward.  They are volunteers who generously share their love, time, and talents to help innocent life in desperate need find hope.

Lila is alive today thanks to a foster mom.  She had been abandoned by her previous owner and was battling multiple infections that put her life at risk.

Lila valiantly made a full recovery.  She is now spayed and debuting for adoption.

She is a humble, sensitive girl who will do best home in a calm home environment.

Lila is an orange tabby with a vivid "M" marking on her forehead and bright, round eyes.  She has a medium-hair coat and will need weekly brushing.