Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maybe our extra toes just make us that much more adorable?

Update: Abigail and Fiona were adopted on October 23rd!

Abigail and Fiona were rescued at just 4 weeks of age, found in a basket but mom was nowhere in sight and they were screaming for food.

We placed them immediately in a foster home and they needed bottle feedings since they were not yet weened.

Loving care made a world of difference for these sisters.  They have been thriving in foster care, socializing with people and cats.

Abigail and Fiona are now spayed, 3 months of age, and ready for adoption into a forever home.  The girls can be adopted separately, but we would love to seem them be adopted together for lifelong companionship.

Both are polydactyly (they have extra thumbs), but this does not hinder their walking or other basic functioning.