Saturday, October 9, 2010

I need to be indoors to be safe and cherished as a member of your family.

Update: Rudyard was adopted on November 15th!

Rudyard is an endearing young boy with the cutest ears, one that flops and the other alert and erect.

He is most likely an American and Lop mix rabbit, about one year of age.  We had him neutered and he is ready for adoption today.

We rescued him and three other bunnies from what we believed to be a backyard breeder situation.

Despite all of the homeless domesticated rabbits in our community, there are breeders unconscionably producing even more, some for Easter sales gimmicks and some for food for giant snakes or other large animals.

But Rudyard is a gentle, sweet, loving boy and he certainly does not want to become someone's meal.  He wants a loving, forever home, just like all other domesticated companion animals.

Rudyard likes perching on his loft -- our bunny condos have loft ledges and we can show you how to make these at home -- peacefully enjoying his new safety.

Please visit our new Lovebugs Room, which showcases rabbits and other small animals for adoption, and ask for Rudyard by name.