Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perhaps I am a bit particular, but I am full of love.

Dominique has a complex personality that defies easy explanation.

But please have no doubt that she is able to develop a powerful relationship with you based on time, trust, respect, and compassion.

She is a gorgeous blend of breeds, perhaps Persian and Ragdoll, with ocean-blue eyes. She is spayed and approximately 6 years of age.

Dominique has an independent streak, but enjoys bits of snuggling and petting from you. When she has had enough, or gets over-stimulated, she is not shy about demanding her space again.

She is the same with other cats, so she will likely do best if any other cat in the home is respectful and independent too. A quiet home would be dandy for her.

Please come meet Dominique in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms. She is ready for adoption today.