Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I adore going for walks.

Update: Max was adopted on January 8th!

Max is a very intelligent little guy who 'sits' and 'shakes' and follows finger point directions.

He aims to please and hopes you will engage him in a game of fetch.

Max is a noble Miniature Poodle, neutered, young at heart at 8 years of age, debuting for adoption today.

He needed us because his of his previous owner's deteriorating health.

His special needs are that he has a mild heart murmur (medications are not needed at this time) and he only likes to go potty on walks. He reportedly does not like going to the bathroom in the backyard and will instead hold it until it is time for a walk.

Max enjoys other friendly dogs and needs regular professional grooming care. He reportedly loves going to get groomed.

Adults-only please. He reportedly can get nippy when fearful or overly anxious.