Monday, July 19, 2010

My enthusiasm for life and fun has no bounds.

Update: Diamond was adopted on July 20th!

Indeed a beautiful jewel, Diamond offers priceless unconditional love and joy.

She is a fun-loving, outgoing, gregarious baby girl with a playful nature.

Diamond is a chocolate & white Bully mix with hazel eyes, spayed female, 10 months of age.

She is "90%" housetrained, 100% crate-trained, and reportedly compatible with other dogs and kind children.

Surely Diamond can challenge the thinking of those who fear the Bully breeds. She is only dangerous if you don't like getting licked on the face.

Also, Diamond is reportedly afraid of her water bowl, so it is important to be creative to ensure she has plenty of access to fresh water. (Please be willing to try a range of different bowl types at various places in your home.)

Diamond debuts for adoption today.