Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am full of joy, but sometimes I remember the beatings.

Update: Bandit was adopted on October 9th!

Exuberant and fun-loving, Bandit cherishes running and playing almost as much as he enjoys gentle pats and attention.

He is a very attractive Shepherd & Retriever mix with an easy smile. He is neutered, about 4 years of age, and ready today for adoption into a lifelong home.

Besides being compatible with most other dogs, Bandit is reportedly housetrained and crate-trained.

Bandit needs a hero. The victim of severe past abuse, sudden movements that catch him off guard can cause him alarm and fear.

A very experienced, adult-only home can help him regain trust and security without lapsing back to old anxieties. But there are no instant fixes, so your patience is essential.

A behaviorist or dog trainer can be helpful in setting up stable lifestyle routines Bandit can count on in your home with you.