Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have to trust that you will not strike me.

Update: Faith is in a long-term foster home.

Dogs needing emergency rescue with broken pelvises have usually been struck by cars.

But we believe Faith's broken pelvis resulted from a terrible beating.

Physically, Faith received emergency care, followed by months of healing rest, and then she completed therapy to walk normally again.

Emotionally, she is healing slower, so a very experienced, patient, and gentle owner is needed for her. With time and a tender touch, she will learn to trust people better and continue her progress.

Faith is a chocolate-cream-and-white Chihuahua, spayed female, approximately 3 years young.

She is good with other dogs. In fact, we believe she will do best with another dog in the home to help her adjust.

After her long, traumatic ordeal, Faith is now ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Please open your heart to this innocent sweetheart who needs to only see the best side of human nature from now on.