Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am jumping for joy because I have a new lease on life!

Update: Andy was adopted on August 28th!

One of our volunteers saw a dirty little brown dog scurrying across a very busy city street. She carefully pursued him and cornered him behind a library, where she was able to capture him.

She took him home, cleaned him up, and discovered under all of his matts, tangles, and filth that she had just rescued a severely neglected little white Poodle. She believes he had gone for many months, perhaps even beyond a year, without proper grooming or hygiene.

She named him Andy, and she discovered that he got along well with her cats and dogs.

She brought him to us to get neutered, vaccinated, and then to find a forever home.

Andy is approximately 18 months of age. He beams with excitement because he is finally receiving loving care and lots of attention from staff and volunteers.

Andy's rescue has been an awakening. He is learning how fun and caring people can be.

Today is Andy's big day -- he debuts for adoption. Please come meet this sweetheart and show him a lifetime of commitment and adoration.