Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We were left for dead.

Update: Lucas and all of his siblings were adopted on or before July 30th!

Lucas and his four sisters and brothers all survived and made a full recovery from the deadly parvo virus.

Their owner was leaving for Mexico and refused to provide emergency medical care for them, which would have resulted in certain death.

We rescued them and rushed them to a veterinary hospital for immediate intensive care.

All five are sweet, playful, and completely adorable. They are approximately 3-4 months of age.

We originally believed they were Shepherd & Doberman Pinscher mixes. But they are not growing as large as expected, so we are now guessing they may have Retriever in them and may only grow to medium size.

Lucas and his sisters and brothers can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair for lifelong companionship.

We want to thank all of you again who donate to Nevada SPCA. Your support is the sole reason we were able to save the lives of Lucas, and his sisters Leila and Lulu, and brothers Lobo and Luis. Please know you are making a lifesaving difference for animals in need.