Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I like gentle hugs and cuddles.

Update: Summer was adopted on July 8th!

Summer is a very attractive French Lop mix bunny with an affectionate nature.

We rescued her from a family who confided to us that they thought of her as more of a toy than a living being, and they found her care to be work they had not planned on.

Like Aphrodite, who was featured previously on this site, Summer was purchased before Easter at a swap meet.

Besides gentle touching, she shows great enthusiasm for her daily veggie salads, picking through for romaine lettuce and parsley in particular.

She is spayed and ready for adoption today in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room. She is approximately 18 months of age.

If you are new to caring for bunnies, please visit Brandi and Molina at Nevada SPCA for beginning information packs on caring for rabbits.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Show me that I can count on you.

Update: Oksana was adopted on July 11th!

Oksana is a gorgeous, tiny girl with eyes seemingly full of wisdom. Though she is only a year of age, we believe life until now has been quite tumultuous for her.

Her arrival at Nevada SPCA was a traumatic one. A man walked in the lobby and dumped her and her five siblings, and then literally ran away and bolted out the door and sped away in his truck. Needless to say, Oksana and her brothers and sisters were terrified.

They are now spayed/neutered though, and vaccinated and microchipped, and ready for adoption.

Oksana is a chocolate Siamese with warm blue eyes. She is so little that she still looks like a kitten, but we do not expect her to grow any bigger.

She debuts for adoption today in The Purr Palace, one of the free-roaming playrooms in the Cat Condos at Nevada SPCA.

She will do best in a gentle home. Shower her with affection, and cherish her and make sure she knows how much you love her.

I love you.

Update: Acai was adopted on July 14th!

Acai is a petite, slender young cuddlebug.

He adores people. Please only consider him if you can give him an abundance of your time and attention daily.

Acai is a parti-colored shorthair with light green eyes, neutered male, approximately one year of age.

We rescued him and treated him for ringworm, which is a simple skin fungus. Ringworm is common with children, but occasionally cats get it too. The treatment lasted several weeks and Acai recovered fully.

He is ready for adoption today in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

They threw me away because I was not playful enough.

Update: Harry was adopted on July 1st!

Harry is a gentle, mellow soul.

He's 10 pounds of love.

Harry is a Chihuahua, neutered male, approximately 6 years of age.

He is good with other dogs and he has an affectionate nature.

We rescued him from another shelter. The only thing we know about his background is that his owner dumped him there because he was "not energetic enough".

Good grief!

Harry is a sweetheart. He is going to bring someone, or a couple, enormous tenderness.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is so fulfilling that there is no reason to fret.

Update: Rodin was adopted on July 11th!

With loving support, animals who lose limbs or eyes or other body parts generally adapt quickly. We find this very inspiring.

Rodin is a young cat who we captured and rescued after he was abandoned on someone's porch. All four of his paws had been declawed, so he was defenseless outdoors and in grave danger.

In addition, his left eye was severely infected. It could not be saved and a veterinary hospital removed it.

He is adjusting well and we are very pleased with his recovery. He is playful and getting along well with the other cats.

Rodin is exceptionally friendly. He is a parti-colored shorthair, neutered male, approximately two years of age. Please ask for him in the Cat Condos, which are the free-roaming playrooms for cats at Nevada SPCA. Like all 200 of the adoptable cats, he seeks a very caring, strictly indoor-only forever home.

Young at heart and beaming with joy.

Update: Lucy Loo was adopted on August 28th!

We cringe when a visitor comments that an adoptable animal is "too old" to be considered.

Too old for who? Surely caring people would not want a healthy, loving animal to have his or her life snuffed out just because of age.

The good news is that we are blessed with many supporters and visitors who look for loving personalities, regardless of age or color or specific breeding.

At approximately 10 years of age, Lucy Loo is technically a senior, but every indication suggests she has many years, God willing, of life left and unconditional love to share with a new owner.

She is a Rat Terrier, spayed female, with one floppy ear, and a million-dollar smile. She is compatible with other friendly and calmer dogs.

We rescued her from another shelter, so we know very little about her background. Her sunny disposition and positive attitude make her especially appealing. Please come spend some time with this sweet little lady in our courtyard and consider her for your family.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our love lasts forever so we need lifelong homes.

Update: Daphne & Truman were adopted on July 11th!

Daphne and Truman are sister and brother, completely adorable, and definitely little treasures.

Their mother, who we named Shayla after her rescue, was thrown out like trash though, along with a staggering 63 other cats! They were found filthy and distressed, crammed into boxes and trash containers and crates without food or water, much less hope.

Most were very ill, and the adult females were pregnant, and the assumption was that the previous owner was a hoarder or collector, and most likely mentally unstable.

Shayla was both very ill and very pregnant. She went to an excellent foster home for tender care and gave birth one day later to five kittens. She was a good mother and worked hard for her babies, but only Daphne and Truman survived.

Daphne and Truman have been raised and socialized very well in the foster home. They are now 3 months of age, spayed/neutered, and ready for adoption. They are affectionate and friendly. They can be adopted separately, but please consider keeping them together for lifelong companionship. They need and require strictly indoor-only homes where they will be adored and cherished every day for the rest of their lives.

Love keeps danger away.

Wembley was perhaps named for his mighty thumps -- like impressive soccer kicks -- when he is anxious and fears harm.

But though he has a spirited personality, he also enjoys sitting in your lap if you hold him gently.

Wembley is an English Spot rabbit, neutered male, approximately one year young. He is available for adoption now in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room.

We rescued him after he was abandoned in a neighborhood park.

As many of you know, after Easter there are countless bunnies released onto parks and golf courses. But these domesticated and gentle beings do not stand a chance in the wild and will almost certainly perish without human protection and care. The fortunate ones are saved before they starve to death, get hit by cars, contract diseases, or become prey to coyotes or birds or other animals.

Please come meet and consider this cute young athlete to join your family.

We need to stay safely indoors from now on.

These sweet sisters are surprisingly docile and loving, especially considering their mother was feral and would have nothing to do with humans.

Cheeto & Frito were rescued from a local family's backyard when they were approximately five weeks of age, along with three other siblings. Their mother could not be caught and we do not know how or why she ended up outdoors to fend for herself.

The five kittens went into a very caring foster home for socialization and to be nursed to good health. They made tremendous strides! All five love people and seem to have few cares in the world.

Cheeto & Frito and their siblings are now 3 months of age, spayed/neutered, and ready for adoption into forever homes where they will remain strictly indoors and safe. You can meet and adopt them in Nevada SPCA's kitten room in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

I need to be able to trust you.

Update: Chi Chi was adopted on June 27th!

Chi Chi's expressive eyes carefully evaluate new people as she sizes them up for kindness and tries to determine their intentions.

We sadly suspect she learned the hard way that you cannot always trust people.

We rescued her from a local shelter. Her previous owner had put her on the ultimate deadline there, rather than keeping the family intact and taking her with them to their new home out of state.

But this is Chi Chi's golden opportunity to find a very loving, very committed, and very gentle home so that she can stop worrying about being hit or screamed at.

Chi Chi enjoys other dogs and she needs regular grooming care. She is a Terrier mix, spayed female, approximately 5 years young. Today, she is ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My future will be full of love.

Update: Ellie was adopted on June 27th!

Ellie is so bubbly that her happiness is contagious to people and other dogs around her.

She is most likely a Setter and Retriever mix, medium-sized, spayed female, approximately 2 years young.

She debuts for adoption today. She made a full recovery from heat stroke. (She was the other dog we rescued from the back of an open pick-up truck on a searing hot day, along with Jeb.)

Ellie and Jeb are available for adoption separately, but if you are looking for two, please consider adopting them as a pair.

Be my hero and hold me close.

Update: Anna was adopted on August 10th!

Anna has a very affectionate, quiet temperament. Her heart fills with joy when you shower her with loving attention.

Anna especially needs a calm, stable home -- not just because she is a senior, but because she is blind.

Despite her disability, she has impeccable litter box manners, and she has shown no problems finding her food and water bowls too.

She loves to curl up on the sofa and wait for you to join her to unwind and enjoy peaceful time.

Anna is available for adoption on Saturdays at Nevada SPCA. During the weekdays, she lives with a foster mom who provides wonderful care to her.

She is a pretty tabby & white shorthair, spayed female, approximately 12 years of age.

Please open your heart and home to Anna. You can ask to meet her on Saturday in Nevada SPCA's lobby. She needs a hero she can direct her enormous unconditional love to in exchange for a lifetime commitment to her joining your family.

My life almost ended before it even got started.

Update: Cashman was adopted on July 11th!

Cashman just could not be any cuter!

He is a small puppy who loves to snuggle. He also has a playful side and a sometimes fiery personality.

He is a Heinz 57 -- our guesses for his breed make-up are all over the map. We feel confident that he will grow only to medium size, and he may just as likely remain small.

Cashman is a neutered male, approximately 3 months of age.

Like Sherry, Bones, Tribble, Spock, and others who we have featured on this site, he came to us for rescue when his owners refused to provide emergency medical care when he became sick with the deadly parvo virus. As with the others, we had this care given to Cashman, and he made a full recovery too.

To those of you who support Nevada SPCA's animal rescue work, we cannot say thank you enough. Cashman and the others had no hope left without the rescue, and your donations made saving their lives possible.

Cashman is one of more than a dozen dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

I have a gentle spirit.

Update: Cyrus was adopted on July 15th!

Cyrus has a calm, peaceful nature. He adores other cats and puts them at ease with his quiet confidence.

He is a very handsome cream tabby with golden eyes and a pink nose. He is a neutered male, approximately two years young.

He and numerous other adult cats and kittens lost their family when their owner's home went into foreclosure.

But this may have been a blessing. None of the cats and kittens were spayed and neutered until we rescued them. It is unconscionable to allow breeding during this worst-ever over-population crisis for cats and dogs and other species in southern Nevada.

Please ask for Cyrus at the front desk in the Nevada SPCA lobby. If you have room, please also consider one of his brothers or sisters too for lifelong companionship, but he can be adopted separately.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I enjoy cuddling.

Update: Phyllis was adopted on June 30th!

Phyllis is the cutest little "butter bean" -- a tiny ball of love.

She is a young female guinea pig, with a cream & white coat, about 18 months of age.

She is very affectionate with gentle people. Her other passion in life is her daily veggies -- she sings for them when she sees her salad bowl coming!

Phyllis was found stuffed inside an otherwise emptied box of animal crackers. There was no note, no explanation, and no water. Thankfully, she was not thrown away accidentally, but instead picked up by someone who realized a tiny little life was inside.

She is now thriving and ready for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room.

Life sure needs to get easier for me.

Update: Sherry was adopted on July 3rd!

Sherry is a tender-hearted, angelic puppy who has overcome tremendous challenges in her short time on Earth.

She is ready for adoption today. She is a Bully & Retriever mix with a stunning chocolate coat & golden eyes, spayed female, approximately 7 months of age.

We rescued her from another shelter where they had spayed her too young, which endangered her life and made her susceptible to the parvo virus. We provided extensive medical care, and foster care, and she made a full recovery on both fronts.

She also had a cherry eye condition. It was repaired without incident.

Now, she is battling deep sadness. She was adopted this past spring, but her owner returned her to us for, essentially, being a puppy (needing lots of playtime, things to chew on, etc.). But Sherry and other puppies are not destructive when they have proper outlets for their normal puppy behaviors. Crate-training is often a solution that should be considered for puppies too when they are alone and unsupervised in a home.

Sherry has a sweet temperament and we know she will be a sensational companion animal and new family member in an experienced home. Please shower her with love and celebrate every day with her.

My life was saved thanks to you.

Update: Bones was adopted on June 29th!

Bones is a tiny, adorable Chihuahua mix puppy, neutered male, approximately 5 months of age. Today, he debuts for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

We rescued him from an owner who refused medical treatment for him at a local veterinary hospital. He had contracted the parvo virus, which if left untreated, would have certainly resulted in his death.

The hospital contacted us for help and we had him rushed into emergency care. After extensive treatment, he made a full recovery.

Thanks to those of you who donate money to support animal rescue, Bones' life was saved. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and compassion.

During this recession and home foreclosure crisis, what happened to Bones is, very sadly, becoming very common. We are rescuing more injured and sick animals than ever before, so your support is especially critical at this time. Click here if you would like to make a donation online today.

If you have a gentle home and lifestyle, please consider Bones. He is good with other sweet dogs. We expect him to remain small in size. You can ask to meet him at the front desk in the Nevada SPCA lobby.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My heart keeps breaking from rejection.

Update: Ziggy was adopted on July 1st!

Ziggy is understandably feeling insecure and confused.

His owner no longer wanted him and gave him away to someone, then that person tossed him away to someone else too, and then that person dumped him on yet another person.

All of this happened to Ziggy in less than two weeks!

This is how ridiculous and reckless it often is for innocent animals who are handed away like property without a lifetime commitment.

They are in real danger every time they lose their homes. Besides falling into the hands of people who may want them just for breeding or temporary companionship, worse fates are not uncommon. Criminals troll postings in anonymous publications and on anonymous web sites for animals who are then victimized in countless ways (sold to laboratories, used to train other animals to fight and kill, and so on).

We rescued Ziggy, so there will be no more playing musical chairs with his life. And in a gentle, stable home, he will develop trust that he can love and count on people again.

Ziggy is a Chihuahua mix, perhaps with Dachshund, neutered male, approximately 3 years of age. He is one of 16 dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

I dream of knowing love again.

Update: Jeb was adopted on August 27th!

God only knows how many years this sweet old boy went without loving care.

We rescued Jeb (and another dog we named Ellie) from the back of an open pick-up truck on a scorching hot 100+ degree day. He was dehydrated, pacing in severe distress, and bleeding from the tops of his ears (where fly bites over time had opened flesh wounds).

We were very concerned Jeb and Ellie were in heat stroke, so both were rushed into emergency medical care at the Dewey Veterinary Hospital.

Both survived and are showing great improvements. Jeb debuts for adoption today and we expect Ellie to be available later this week.

Jeb has a personality that shines. He is a medium-sized Shepherd mix, neutered male, approximately 10 years of age.

Let's be sure that he never, ever, experiences a day where he feels unloved again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My happiness will come from peace-of-mind.

Update: Aphrodite was adopted on October 31st!

Aphrodite is an outgoing youngster who is fortunate to still be alive.

This gentle girl was being sold at a swap meet, just before Easter, to whoever, and for whatever purpose imaginable. Many end up as dinner for humans, or snakes, or encounter an even worse fate.

Please alert animal control officials if you find a person selling animals at swap meets. Besides dogs and rabbits, we most often get reports of ducklings, other birds, and turtles in horrendous condition being sold for a quick buck.

Oftentimes, officers can inspect the scenes and take action for the animals, plus put pressure on swap meet owners and managers to change policies and keep animals out of the markets.

Aphrodite is an English Spot and Lop mix with expressive eyes. She is now spayed and micro-chipped, and ready for adoption. She is approximately 10 months of age.

Please visit her and almost 70 more rescued and spay/neutered bunnies for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Please realize the world of love from seniors too.

Update: Bon Bon was adopted on July 2nd!

Bon Bon is a kind-hearted little lady.

She generally has a cheery personality and easy smile, though in her older age she has developed a quick temper and periodic crankiness.

Bon Bon is by no means aggressive though. She is full of love, but she will just need to be in an experienced home without young children.

She is a Pomeranian, spayed female, approximately 10 years of age. She is good with other sweet dogs and she requires regular grooming care, so please budget extra accordingly. She is one of a dozen dogs debuting for adoption today.

We rescued Bon Bon from another shelter, so we do not have much background information on her.

Please remember the immense joys that seniors offer too. They often are overlooked due to their ages, when they may be actually a wonderful fit with many people, couples, and families.

What happened to my daddy?

Update: Sassy was adopted on July 17th!

Sassy is a sensitive, beautiful young lady with extraordinary loving potential.

But she is battling depression right now. Her owner died and she does not understand what has happened.

Sassy needs patience and guidance in an experienced home with a stable routine to help her gain self-esteem and confidence. She is very timid due to lack of socialization, so even walking on a leash can be terrifying to her.

Sassy is a Belgian Shepherd mix, spayed female, approximately three years young. She debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

She likes other dogs, and having another dog in the home may help her adjust and overcome depression sooner. A quieter home too is ideal for her.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I humbly ask you to consider me to become your special boy.

Sebastian has a gentle, quiet confidence that is very soothing and calming.

He is stocky and huggable, and dashingly handsome with silver tabby markings and spots. He is a British Shorthair mix, neutered male, approximately 3 years young.

Sebastian is one of 11 cats -- four adults and 7 kittens -- who became homeless and in dire need when their owner's home went into foreclosure.

We had absolutely no room for them, but they had nowhere to go & no one to care for them, so somehow we made space to save them.

Sebastian is a jewel. Staff and volunteers go head-over-heels for him. He debuts for adoption today. Please ask for him at our front desk and we will have him get to know you in the Cat Condo free-roaming playrooms area.

Please always keep me safely indoors.

Update: Jeremiah was adopted on June 22nd!

Jeremiah is a very friendly "kit" - baby bunny - under 5 months of age.

He is neutered and now ready for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room.

Jeremiah is a Lionhead & Lop mix with stunning gold coloring. He needs extra grooming care, particularly with his mane and around his face.

Jeremiah and his mother and baby brothers were rescued from a yard they had wandered into. He and his brothers were so small and defenseless, and their mother so domesticated and ill-prepared for the outdoors, that they would have been easy prey.

We require that all adopted rabbits live indoors only. Besides predators, the desert weather extremes are too dangerous for bunnies, plus they will get better care indoors close to their families.

Please visit and meet Jeremiah and almost 70 other spayed/neutered and microchipped rabbits for adoption today.

I offer unconditional love.

Update: Buddy was adopted on June 25th!

Buddy is a super cute youngster with a dynamic, jubilant personality.

He is a Cairn Terrier mix, neutered male, approximately one year of age.

Buddy is good with cats, dogs, and kind children. He is reportedly also housetrained and crate-trained.

But despite all of his spectacular qualities, his owner's new boyfriend did not like him. Buddy needed us for rescue because he was kicked out of his family.

This is a tragic scenario we see daily -- pet owners throwing away unconditional love in exchange for the hope & possibility of finding romantic love with a person who dislikes their companion animals.

So the innocent animals repeatedly pay the price, as lifetime commitments vanish during their guardian's quest for romance.

Relationship experts warn that the rejection of a person's family, including companion animals, bodes very poorly for a healthy, long-term relationship. Yet, this tragedy seems to continue as frequently as ever.

The good news though today is that Buddy debuts for adoption at Nevada SPCA, and we will find him a very committed, loving home where he is adored as a member of the family.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My young life has been filled with turmoil.

Update: Peaches was adopted on June 20th!

Peaches is a petite, darling little girl whose best days are now ahead of her.

She was rescued from a stranger's front yard giving birth. We gave her the care she needed and both puppies survived. (Her puppies are in foster care now until they are old enough for spay/neuter in preparation for adoption.)

Her previous owner was eventually located, but failed to reclaim her. Which is for the best, for many reasons. Her rough life has resulted in a sometimes cranky attitude she has developed for self-protection.

Our experience is that her short temper will diminish as she gains self-esteem and a sense of security in an experienced, adult-only home.

Peaches is a Shih-Tzu, spayed female, two years young. She debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Please plan on great patience with her, as well as regular grooming care, so budget extra accordingly. Let's be sure that Peaches only sees the best side of human nature from now on.

Adult Cat Adoption Special, June 19-20

This Friday & Saturday only at Nevada SPCA, we have an adoption special promotion for adult cats in conjunction with Fox 5 TV.

Adult cat adoption fees are only $25 and include bonus treats & toys. Each of the 200 cats for adoption are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and tested for leukemia. They also go home with free food, a complimentary veterinary check-up, and a cat scratching post.

Panda (right) is one of the featured cats and available for adoption in The Purr Palace free-roaming Cat Condo playroom.

Panda is an exceptionally loving youngster with stunning black & white coloring and intense green eyes, approximately three years of age.

She is a dainty girl, famous here for dipping her paw in the water bowl, and then drinking as if from a cup.

Please come meet Panda and the many other sweethearts who are awaiting their forever homes. Each needs and seeks safe, indoor-only lifestyles where they will become members of the family.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Every day with me will be filled with enthusiasm.

Update: Pogo was adopted on June 20th!

Pogo is a zany, fun-loving youngster.

He is a very cute Pug, neutered male, approximately three years young.

He is good with other dogs, and reportedly housetrained and compatible with mature and kind children too.

Pogo debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Pug knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred.

He needed us for rescue when his owner ran out of money and could no longer care for him properly.

Pogo is full of pizzazz. There is no doubt he will light up his new home with his play and antics. Please come meet him today.

I succeeded in keeping my babies alive.

Update: Lolita was adopted on August 5th!

Lolita has a good heart. She is on a roller coaster ride emotionally, slowly becoming aware of how wonderful life is when you are loved and cherished.

It was a scorching hot day last month on the day of her rescue. She and her five babies, who were clearly the victims of severe neglect, were in the back of a pick-up truck and suffering from dehydration.

At first she did not know our intentions and refused to let us touch her puppies. We worked with her and earned her trust, and the rescue succeeded.

Lolita is now spayed, vaccinated, & chipped -- debuting for adoption today. Her puppies, who were exposed to the parvo virus, are still receiving medical care, but doing well, and all are expected to make full recoveries.

Lolita is a medium-size Heinz 57, perhaps with Heeler & Bully, approximately four years of age. The person who adopts her will get to witness her discover the immense joys of adapting into a loving home as a member of a family.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am only a baby but I was thrown away.

Update: Aiden & Madeleine were adopted together the afternoon of June 17th!

Many of the animals tossed out in park areas, parking lots, and the streets during this home foreclosure crisis are puppies and kittens who have absolutely no chance to survive on their own without immediate rescue.

Aiden and his sister (Madeleine) were near a busy Las Vegas road, confused and lost and distraught. Fortunately, they were safely captured before getting tangled in traffic.

Aiden is a Chihuahua mix puppy, approximately 7 months of age. He has a sensitive, loving nature and he relishes playtime with his sister.

Aiden & Madeleine are now spayed/neutered & vaccinated & chipped, and they debut in Adoptions today. They can be adopted separately, but please consider the pair for lifelong companionship.

I have a colorful, sometimes silly personality.

Update: Willie was adopted on June 18th!

It's hard to find anyone more lovable than Willie.

His joyful nature glows from his million-dollar smile.

Willie is a unique, brindle Heinz 57 with Shepherd & Retriever. He is a neutered male, approximately 5 years of age.

He is reportedly housetrained and also knows some basic dog training commands. We suspect he is very compatible with kind children.

Willie was homeless and in dire need of care in a nearby desert community. He received tender-loving care in a foster home and he is now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. Please come meet this charming boy in our courtyard.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guinea pigs like me have a world of love to share.

Update: Jillie was adopted on June 20th!

Jillie is a friendly, young American breed guinea pig with gorgeous chestnut & butterscotch coloring.

She came to us for rescue and recovery following severe neglect in her previous home that had left her emaciated, and her feet were in poor condition.

Jillie has bounced back beautifully, thanks to loving care from Nevada SPCA's staff in the Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room.

Jillie is approximately 18 months of age. She is not yet matched up with another female -- guinea pigs are very social animals -- so if you have a single female at home who needs a sister, Jillie may be a good match. Or consider adopting her and another female at Nevada SPCA and the staff will assist you with bonding them properly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am dreaming about belonging to a family.

Update: Checkers was adopted on June 17th!

Checkers is a youngster full of good cheer and character. He loves walks, hugs, and giving little kisses.

He is a Terrier mix with a distinguished appearance, neutered male, approximately three years young.

Checkers was rescued dodging traffic on a major boulevard, zipping his 12-pound body around cars with his lanky legs, just barely avoiding a crushing end.

He will be a magnificent companion, so please trust us that it is a mistake to overlook Checkers. Too often, we find people dwelling on certain breeds, or only toy breeds, and missing out on the sweethearts who have a world of love to offer too.

Checkers enjoys other dogs. Please ask to spend some time with him in our courtyard and be prepared for him to win you over!

I am terrified that I will get punched again.

Update: Casie was adopted on June 26th!

Update #2: Cass was adopted on July 4th! Chris remains available for adoption.

Update #3: Chris was adopted on July 11th!

Casie, and her sisters Cassie and Chris, are The Aussie Pup Sisters, who debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

The girls are beautiful Australian Cattle Dog mixes, spayed, and approximately 6-7 months of age. We expect them to remain medium-sized.

Their fear and distrust of people is extreme. They are facing perhaps the two most difficult emotional challenges possible for puppies -- complete lack of socialization, plus abuse (physical/screaming).

They were terribly traumatized at the time we rescued them. They feared that every encounter with a human could result in their deaths.

They have made baby steps of improvement here, but still remain so frightened that they sometimes defecate when picked up. Progress with trusting people, and adapting to a living environment with people, will take a lot of time and enormous patience in an experienced home with a stable routine.

The ideal is for them to be adopted into homes with other dogs. If you have a nurturing and gentle adult dog who needs a lifelong friend and little sister, please consider Casie or Cassie or Chris. These puppies have hearts of gold.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I just want to be safe and loved in a family.

Update: Buster Jr. was adopted on August 29th!

The fall-out from Easter intensifies each summer, as we've pointed out repeatedly.

Innocent bunnies become the victims of a holiday gimmick that wears off and they land, in mass, in shelters, parks, golf courses, and, most hopelessly, the desert.

Buster Junior, an astonishingly cute Mini Lop rabbit, was in danger of his life ending before ever knowing the joy and peace of a loving home.

He was mistaken as an "Easter bunny" and sold as a holiday gift, but was soon thereafter rejected and found himself on a deadline at another local shelter.

We rescued Buster Junior from that shelter. He now awaits his forever home without fear of deadlines in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room. He is a neutered male, under a year of age.

If you are new to caring for bunnies, but interested in learning more, please visit Brandi or Molina at Nevada SPCA for a starter information pack. They can introduce you to Buster Junior and almost 70 other rescued rabbits for adoption, all spayed/neutered, and help you consider their needs and personalities before you make a lifetime commitment with an adoption.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have extraordinary loving potential.

Update: Woofy was adopted on July 7th!

Woofy is blooming! He has come so far, yet still has a long way to go to become a well-balanced and well-adjusted young adult.

Woofy is a German Shepherd mix, neutered male, approximately two years young.

He was rescued from a small desert community as a puppy. He was nearly feral (completely undomesticated), so learning to trust people and fit into the human world began from scratch.

Fortunately, he had a wonderful, diligent foster mom who helped him gain confidence, socialized him with cats and dogs, and taught him housetraining and crate-training.

This progress took many months, but he is now ready for adoption and a forever home. He needs an exceptionally patient and quieter home because new people and new situations are terrifying to him.

But once he trusts you, he shines!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank you for saving me with emergency care.

Update: Tribble was adopted on June 12th!

Tribble is one of four more puppies whose lives were in extreme danger when their various owners refused to provide emergency medical care for them when they contracted the parvo virus.

Without immediate veterinary care, death would have been certain.

We rescued them and all four made full recoveries, after we had extensive veterinary work done on each of them. Besides Tribble, the other four are Saki & Sushi, who are Maltese mixes, and Tinkerbelle, a Teacup Chihuahua.

Tribble is a precious, petite Pekingese mix, spayed, approximately three months young.

She enjoys other dogs and she needs regular grooming, so budget extra accordingly.

Tribble will do best with a gentle lifestyle. Puppies require experienced homes. Please come meet Saki, Sushi, Tinkerbelle, and Tribble today at Nevada SPCA.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I will amaze you and fill you with joy.

Update: Rowdy was adopted on June 20th!

Rowdy is so happy to be alive. Every day is like going to Disney Land for this youngster.

He is a Border Collie & Australian Shepherd mix, neutered, approximately three years of age.

Rowdy is very intelligent and well-behaved. He loves kids and dogs, and he's compatible with cats too. He is also housetrained.

We rescued him from another shelter. Despite all of his tremendous qualities, he was their longest resident and in the most immediate danger.

It is a mistake to overlook this joyous boy. He will provide a lifetime of unconditional love, companionship, and thrills. Please ask to spend time with him in our courtyard. He debuts for adoption today.

I have overcome tremendous hardships.

Update: Tripstar was adopted on June 27th!

Tripstar's first year of life has been so tumultuous that she now seems to especially cherish the serenity and peace of the Cat Condo playrooms.

She is a gorgeous, young medium-hair spayed female with chocolate, creme & white coloring, which contrasts beautifully with her green eyes. She is outgoing and friendly and engaging.

We rescued Tripstar (and her brother) from a box. They had been thrown away, recklessly left to die from being hit by a car, or from starvation.

Tripstar was pregnant, but the extreme trauma resulted in the deaths of her unborn kittens.

Further, she was sick with distemper. We had extensive medical care provided for her, and fortunately, she made a full recovery.

Please show this angel how compassionate and loving humans can be. She needs a committed, indoor-only home where she never experiences suffering or rejection again. Tripstar is available today in The Catnip Cabana playroom.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why am I homeless when I was so loyal?

Update: Ellie was adopted on September 4th!

Ellie's heart is broken.

She was a devoted companion for more than a decade. But when her mom needed to move to an apartment, she failed to find one that would accept gentle Ellie.

Ellie is a sensitive girl (spayed), and the abandonment is crushing her spirit. She is a medium-size Heinz 57 with Border Collie & Retriever, approximately 10-12 years of age.

Love will bring the sparkle back to her eyes and revive her soul.

Ellie is housetrained and good with other calm dogs. A calm home is the best fit for her. She is in her twilight years - please make sure she knows she is loved and treasured.

Thank you for saving my life.

Update: Spock was adopted on June 12th!

Spock is one of three adorable puppies ready for adoption today who survived, and fully recovered from, a deadly disease.

The other two are Kirk and Scottie, and all three needed rescue from different owners.

When these boys got extremely ill with the parvo virus, their owners refused emergency medical care for them, which would have resulted in certain death.

We rescued them and had extensive medical care provided at the Dewey Veterinary Medical Center. They each conquered the disease and their futures are bright and full of enormous promise.

Please visit our Donation page if you would like to make a contribution to help support Nevada SPCA's lifesaving work for animals, including these three babies. Our efforts are completely dependent on caring people like you.

Spock and the other boys are all approximately 4-6 months of age and will remain small in size. They await their forever loving homes at our headquarters today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please ensure I never go hungry again.

Update: Sven was adopted on June 23rd!

Sven is a cute youngster with eye-catching "helicopter ears" and a rich golden tan coat. He is friendly and gentle.

Sven is a Dwarf mix, approximately six months of age.

He was rescued in a park -- easy to catch because he was starving, and he needed to capture in order to survive.

Most likely, he was sold for a quick buck by a breeder as a baby rabbit at Easter.

Each summer we are inundated with "Easter bunnies" who are rejected by their families. Some make it to shelters, but the majority are set loose to fend for themselves in parks, golf courses, and desert areas.

Of course, they are domesticated and cannot survive for long on their own. Soon they are starving, and some wander close to homes and people and get rescued. Countless others die tragic deaths, attracting coyotes into neighborhoods (and threatening cats & dogs) since they are easy prey.

Humane education is one solution, and Nevada SPCA and other organizations are always working to reach people with messages of kindness, compassion, and respect for animals.

Spaying and neutering is another solution. All of Nevada SPCA's rescued rabbits are spayed/neutered before being available for adoption. If you have an unsterilized bunny, please contact us for a spay/neuter referral.

A third primary solution is not buying or in any way supporting the breeding of rabbits and other companion animals. During this extremely severe animal overpopulation crisis in southern Nevada, doing so is simply unconscionable.

Sven is ready now to be a loving companion and family member. Please only consider Sven, or any other companion animal, if you are willing and able to make a lifetime commitment. You can meet and adopt him in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I have made huge improvements so please give me a second look.

Update: Buddy was adopted on July 15th!

Buddy is an old boy whose soft-hearted side is blooming.

He lost at least three previous homes due to being grumpy. But thanks to extra special care from his foster mom Mandy, he is amazing all of us with his personality changes.

The new Buddy cannot wait to give you kisses. He loves being in your lap. He enjoys other dogs, plus cats and birds too. He has even learned to swim in a wading pool and he is doing well in a dog training class at Nevada SPCA.

His biggest special need is no longer his behavior. It's that he is almost completely deaf. But consistent hand signals and a properly "puppy-proofed home" with an experienced owner will suit him fine.

Buddy is a Lhasa Apso, neutered male, about 12 years of age.

He is a long-time resident. But please honor his progress by giving him new consideration.

What happened to my mommy?

Update: Heidi was adopted on June 10th!

Heidi is a quiet-natured, loyal, and gorgeous young girl.

She is timid and confused right now, unable to understand what occurred with her owner, who passed away.

Heidi is housetrained and good with cats.

She is a unqiue mixed breed, perhaps Shepherd & Shetland Sheepdog, spayed female, approximately three years young.

Heidi will do best in a gentle home. She is a very devoted girl.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can I please become your special girl?

Update: Contessa was adopted on October 8th!

Contessa is a sleek feline with the gift of grace. She walks, sits, eats, and even naps like a dancer always aware of her movements and appearance.

She is a quiet-natured youngster who leaves rowdy play to the others. She is sweet with other cats and unassuming.

We rescued her and her kittens, who have since been fostered and adopted. Now, it's Contessa's turn, and she is very ready for a committed, indoor-only, and loving home of her own.

Contessa is a parti-colored shorthair, spayed female, approximately one year young. Adopt her in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condos for a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship.

I am waiting for you.

Update: Christina was adopted on January 18th!

Christina has lovely, tranquil eyes and a heart of gold.

People tell us she has the timeless beauty of a painting, or flawless animation.

Christina is unique, so our best guess is that she is an English Spot mix. She is a spayed female, approximately three years young.

She loves her daily salad of veggies. So be sure to plan on generous heaps of Timothy Hay and creative salad bowls for her.

We rescued her when her owner lost the family home to foreclosure during this credit crisis.

Christina is one of almost 70 rescued bunnies for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room. Please come meet this angel.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We can have a fun life together.

Update: Thor was adopted on June 29th!

Thor is a magnificent boy in so many ways. He is cheerful, fun-loving, outgoing, very friendly, and affectionate.

He is a White German Shepherd, neutered male, approximately 6 years of age.

We rescued Thor from another shelter.

German Shepherd knowledge and/or experience is very strongly preferred for this smart, strong breed.

Please ask to spend time with Thor in our courtyard. We bet you will find him very charming!

I will be a calm and loving presence in your life.

Update: Hugh was adopted on June 8th!

Hugh is a gentle spirit with a mellow nature.

This sweetheart debuts in Adoptions today. He is a Shih-Tzu, neutered male, approximately 6-8 years of age.

Hugh spent his first day with us getting groomed and we removed many foxtails which were painfully embedded in his coat and skin. We rescued him from another shelter, so we do not know how long he had been in this severely neglected condition.

Hugh still believes in people though. He loves to cuddle. Please adopt and pamper this boy so that he never knows hardship or fear again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Please love and cherish me forever.

Update: Freedom was adopted on July 3rd!

Freedom is a young, petite girl with gorgeous Tortoiseshell coloring. She is people-oriented and loves cradling and cuddling for reassurance.

Freedom is a spayed female, approximately one year of age.

She was abandoned when just a kitten, along with her mother and siblings. Thanks to her foster mom, she overcame challenges to her life and got the socialization she needs to develop into a well-balanced young adult.

Her right eye did not open fully from birth. An operation attempted to help, but her eye could not be saved. She is, however, adjusting very well.

Please open your heart to Freedom and keep her safely indoors, loved as a member of your family. She will be at Nevada SPCA on Saturdays for adoption with her foster mom, or call us at 873-SPCA (7722) to make an appointment to see her mid-week.

I want to conquer my fear of new people.

Update: Lilly was adopted on June 6th!

Lilly is an angelic little girl. Her expressive eyes reveal her emotions and she yearns to feel comforted and peaceful with those she knows and trusts.

Like many of the animals we rescue from other shelters, Lilly was terrified and overwhelmed with confusion. She is already making some progress in her first few days here with us and she is ready to debut in Adoptions today at Nevada SPCA.

Lilly is a Pomeranian, spayed female, approximately four years young. She adores other dogs. She needs regular grooming care, so please budget extra accordingly.

If you have a gentle, quieter home, ideally with other dogs, please give careful consideration to adopting Lilly.