Sunday, June 28, 2009

Young at heart and beaming with joy.

Update: Lucy Loo was adopted on August 28th!

We cringe when a visitor comments that an adoptable animal is "too old" to be considered.

Too old for who? Surely caring people would not want a healthy, loving animal to have his or her life snuffed out just because of age.

The good news is that we are blessed with many supporters and visitors who look for loving personalities, regardless of age or color or specific breeding.

At approximately 10 years of age, Lucy Loo is technically a senior, but every indication suggests she has many years, God willing, of life left and unconditional love to share with a new owner.

She is a Rat Terrier, spayed female, with one floppy ear, and a million-dollar smile. She is compatible with other friendly and calmer dogs.

We rescued her from another shelter, so we know very little about her background. Her sunny disposition and positive attitude make her especially appealing. Please come spend some time with this sweet little lady in our courtyard and consider her for your family.