Saturday, March 11, 2017

Inspiring adoption update on Gandhi (now Dov)!

Inspiring update on Gandhi (now Dov), an adopted Rottweiler with special needs!

Thank you to Hannah, his devoted mom, for the great news and recent pictures:

"Dov is as sweet as they come, he's been challenging because he probably had many prior homes, but he's a great friend to my 16 1/2 year old senior girl dog, and just craves love, pets, and oh yes: FOOD! :) Five months in, he's a member of the family now for sure."

"He wears these adorable wraps when indoors, because he has occasional incontinence issues. A wonderful Nevada SPCA volunteer made them for us and they have been a godsend. He is 90% outdoor potty trained now, these just prevent the accident here or there."

"Cutest behavior: he absolutely loves Zuke's training treats. Each evening before bed, we go out and they get one Zuke's and then he knows he gets another after he goes potty. He looks back at me while he goes, like "I'M COMING, MOM, DON'T HAND OUT THE ZUKE's TILL I GET THERE!" it cracks me up."