Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saving Baby Animals & Fragile Lives



Sister (nicknamed "Sissy") earned her name because she likes grooming other rescued "kits" (baby bunnies). She was rescued Sunday by children who noticed that she was being chased by a dog. Sister is just a few weeks of age and thriving in a loving foster home.

We are in overdrive preparing for an estimated 5,000 motherless newborns and homeless pregnant animals this spring and summer, based on escalating trends from the past six years. So we are enormously grateful to the donors (Tina Walls, Leslie Hollmann, and anonymous donors) who are matching/doubling all online donations to Nevada SPCA through March 23!
Please help spread the word that every contribution matters. Gifts of $5 can buy kitten or puppy formula plus nursing kits.

Fallon, a newborn kitten just days old, is building strength every day. Found near Boulder Highway without the safety and care of a home, she was in imminent peril.

Thank you to all of you who share the rescued animals' posts and use Facebook for kindness!

Please click here if you can donate $5 to Nevada SPCA for lifesaving care.