Monday, May 30, 2011

Four adorable gerbils ready to become superstars in loving homes.

Betty Grable

Jean Harlow

Lana & Lavender
These four young girls are some of the gerbils available for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Lovebugs Room.

Betty Grable is very friendly and enjoys fastidiously customizing her living areas.  She has a "tree stump" toy house that she loves hiding in and peeking out of.

Jean Harlow delights in running in her wheel and hiding tasty pumpkin seed snacks.

Lana & Lavender are strongly bonded girls who need to stay together.  Both are petite and like to snuggle together.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you seek a gentle spirit, then I may be your dream cat.

If eyes are reflections of the soul, then it's clear that Tasha has a heart of brilliant, pure gold.

He is a young boy awaiting adoption at Nevada SPCA and he delights in taking catnaps in your lap, finding peace-of-mind with your touch and presence.

He is a medium-hair feline, neutered, 18 months of age.

Please ask for Tasha by name in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Very special thanks to Pet'ographique for this stunning portrait to help him get adopted.

I am one-of-a-kind.

Bingo is rich in character and making great improvement with his temper.

At the time of rescue, when his previous owners moved overseas, he was grouchy and stand-offish.

But small progress seems to come every day, and he is enjoying volunteers and staff showering him with attention.

He posed beautifully here for Pet'ographique and his professional portrait.

Bingo is a tiny Pomeranian & Longhair Chihuahua mix, neutered boy, 8-9 years of age, housetrained, and good with dogs.

Please come meet him.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your gentle touch and soft voice will comfort me.

An angel from heaven, Petunia is blind, 10-12 years old, and homeless. 

But she trusts us to find her someone to cherish her every day she has left on Earth. 

Volunteers took her to Pet'ographique yesterday and she held her head proudly high for her portrait, reacting well to soft voices and tender touches. 

She is a wonderful cuddler and she has an ocean of unconditional devotion to share. 

Petunia is a Miniature Schnauzer mix who needs a hero and we ask for your help so she can have can have someone special to love and adopt her.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Promise me we can play with the laser pointer every day.

Matthew is a baby-faced young boy, adventurous and playful and bright-eyed for new experiences.

He is an especially handsome medium-hair brown tabby (with a perfect "M" on his forehead), neutered, 2 years of age, ready for adoption today in Nevada SPCA's Cat Condo playrooms.

Matthew relishes chasing string toys and laser dots (from laser pointer pens).  But he also delights in cuddling with you for a sweet catnap.

Based on his interaction with visitors, we believe he will be great with kind children.

We are adorable Pugs ready to step right into your life.

Bailey & Ling Ling
Bailey & Ling Ling are Pugs with whimsical personalities.

This entertaining pair of siblings (brother and sister) are soul-mates and they need to stay together for life.

Bailey & Ling Ling are spayed/neutered, 6 years of age, and good with other dogs.

Pug knowledge and/or experience is preferred for their adoption.

We believe that their previous owner's financial hardship is the reason they needed rescue. 

Please visit and adopt them today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Honor our lifelong bond by adopting us together, please.

Buxton & Sophie
It's priceless to have a soul-mate in this beautiful, amazing, yet often cruel world.

Buxton & Sophie are inseparable, and their bond has strengthened as they have tackled adversity they did not seek nor deserve. 

For unknown reasons, they were surrendered to a local government-funded shelter, where they were in danger of being split apart, or worse.  That shelter asked Nevada SPCA to take them so they could remain together, and we readily agreed.

Simply put, Buxton & Sophie are gentle, affectionate, marvelous dogs.  They are well-behaved, compatible with kind children, housetrained, and they radiate positive energy.

Buxton is a boy, a Shepherd mix cuter than any Teddy Bear.  And Sophie is a girl, a Retriever mix, with lovely brindle coloring and mesmerizing eyes.  Both are spayed/neutered and about 5 years of age.

Please visit and spend time with the pair in our adoption courtyard.

Very special thanks to Pet'ographique for these breath-taking portraits to help them get adopted into forever homes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Will you let me play & hide in your hair?

A bite of melon is just dandy with Vivian and she eats it delightedly.

Vivian is an adorable young sugar glider debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  She is approximately one year of age.  She needed us because her previous owner could no longer care for her.

Sugar gliders are marsupials.  They are nocturnal animals who play at night and sleep during the day.  They love their comfortable pouches, which keep them out of sunlight and help them feel safe.  A vertical cage with a nesting box so she can climb is very important (while aquarium-type habitats are not acceptable).

Vivian needs an experienced owner who is knowledgeable about her species.  A fresh fruit diet is essential for her health and there are specific woods it is acceptable for her to chew on.  Sugar gliders in captivity reportedly can live 10-15 years.

She enjoys playing in the staff's hair and crawling on their arms (done safely to ensure she does not fall).

Please ask for Vivian by name in Nevada SPCA's Lovebugs Room.

Please do not overlook me.

Petra is a like a hidden treasure who, among 150 other rescued dogs for adoption, has been repeatedly overlooked.  So we asked the good people at Pet'ographique to illuminate her personality and essence with professional portraits, and they did so, donating their time and talent to help her find a forever home.

Petra is a spunky, intelligent young Terrier mix, spayed girl, 3 years young.  She is housetrained, fine with most dogs (despite mild food aggression), and she adores people.

Please visit and ask for Petra by name.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am 100 pounds of love & joy!

Millie's goodness glows from her eyes, smile, and demeanor.

She is truly a "gentle giant" and she has enormous love to share.

Millie is an Otterhound (perhaps a mix, but this is a rarer breed so whether she is purebred or not is unknown at this time, and frankly not so important.)  She is spayed, about 6 years of age, and great with people and dogs.

We rescued her from a government-funded shelter.

Please visit and ask for Millie by name.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just want to be safe and appreciated for who I am.

Bebe, a super cute young Pygmy goat is now neutered and ready for adoption. He is one of 8 Pygmy goats we rescued from a government-funded shelter. He is terrific with other animals (goats and pigs), but less thrilled with people, though warming to us a bit more each day. He is quite small and less than a year of age. 

Please ask for him by name when you visit.

We are seeking a safe, loving forever home for Bebe where he never has to fear being eaten, sold, traded, experimented on, or used for religious sacrifice. Goats are known for calming horses and being excellent companions to horses, so please help us find him an owner who will appreciate him for just being who is he (apart from any commercial or religious value). Thank you.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We love to cuddle and give puppy kisses.

These angels are exceptionally babies debuting for adoption today.

Their mother, Samantha, and siblings were previously featured on this site.  (Samantha was rescued from the mean streets, late in her pregnancy, and we placed her in a very loving foster home so she could have and raise her 7 puppies in peace and comfort).

Alaska and Aspen are boys and Fiji is a girl.  They are spayed/neutered, approximately 3 months of age, Bully mixes expected to grow to medium size.

Please consider adopting a pair, or the trio, for lifelong love and companionship.  They can be adopted separately.

Please carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety and protection.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How do I find a loving, forever home?

Paddy is a warm, engaging, inquisitive youngster ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

He is a chocolate American rabbit, neutered boy, 18 months of age.

Paddy was rescued from the mean streets, after being abandoned there to fend for himself.  He is now though safely with us, enjoying his daily salad greens (and plenty of Timothy hay) and human companionship so that his past hunger and loneliness are just fading memories.

Please ask for Paddy by name in the Lovebugs Room.

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for donating this stunning portrait of Paddy to help him get adopted.

I am a hidden treasure waiting for you.

Pet'ographique captured Tito Joe's cute, charming nature beautifully in this portrait they donated to help him get adopted into a loving, forever home.

Tito Joe is, surprisingly, one of our longest canine residents, overlooked by visitors despite his immense good qualities.  He is a Lhasa Apso & Poodle mix, neutered boy, 7 years of age.

He will do best in a gentle home, perhaps with other dogs.  At the time of rescue he was temperamental and grumpy, but he is making improvements with trust.  An adult-only home is still preferred though so he can continue his progress.

Please plan on regular professional grooming care for him. 

Please ask for Tito Joe by name when you visit Nevada SPCA.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I pine for someone gentle to love me forever.

Sissy is a beautiful lady with a generally easy-going and loving temperament. 

She carefully chooses the most comfortable locations for her catnaps, and delights in sun-bathing indoors by curling up near sunny windows.

Sissy is a Ragdoll mix, spayed, about 6 years of age, available for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Cat Condos.  Please ask for her by name.

Please plan on brushing her long coat at least twice weekly.  And, like all cats, she needs to remain strictly indoors for her safety and protection.

Sissy gravitates toward kind adults, but seems terrified of children.  Her past is unknown and we just know that she was abandoned in a building lobby.