Monday, May 16, 2011

Will you let me play & hide in your hair?

A bite of melon is just dandy with Vivian and she eats it delightedly.

Vivian is an adorable young sugar glider debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  She is approximately one year of age.  She needed us because her previous owner could no longer care for her.

Sugar gliders are marsupials.  They are nocturnal animals who play at night and sleep during the day.  They love their comfortable pouches, which keep them out of sunlight and help them feel safe.  A vertical cage with a nesting box so she can climb is very important (while aquarium-type habitats are not acceptable).

Vivian needs an experienced owner who is knowledgeable about her species.  A fresh fruit diet is essential for her health and there are specific woods it is acceptable for her to chew on.  Sugar gliders in captivity reportedly can live 10-15 years.

She enjoys playing in the staff's hair and crawling on their arms (done safely to ensure she does not fall).

Please ask for Vivian by name in Nevada SPCA's Lovebugs Room.