Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just want to be safe and appreciated for who I am.

Bebe, a super cute young Pygmy goat is now neutered and ready for adoption. He is one of 8 Pygmy goats we rescued from a government-funded shelter. He is terrific with other animals (goats and pigs), but less thrilled with people, though warming to us a bit more each day. He is quite small and less than a year of age. 

Please ask for him by name when you visit.

We are seeking a safe, loving forever home for Bebe where he never has to fear being eaten, sold, traded, experimented on, or used for religious sacrifice. Goats are known for calming horses and being excellent companions to horses, so please help us find him an owner who will appreciate him for just being who is he (apart from any commercial or religious value). Thank you.