Saturday, February 5, 2011

I trusted and loved them, but they threw me away.

Cars on a busy street where whizzing by an abandoned crate.  Most probably did not know that an innocent little life, terrified and in fear of being crushed, was literally locked inside.

Someone finally stopped and brought the crate to us, we pried the lock and brought him into the safety of Nevada SPCA.

Chachito is understandably wary of people, temperamental as some dogs become when people have failed them and the dogs decide they will no longer tolerate any further abuse.

But he has loving potential, and in an experienced, adult-only home, we believe he will bloom again. 

Chachito is a good-looking fellow, chocolate tri-color Chihuahua, neutered about 4 years of age, compatible with other dogs.  He aches for kindness and stability and he will do best in a gentle home environment.