Friday, January 28, 2011

We would love to bounce right into your life.

Ace & Queen
We honor the strong bonds of soul-mates by having them be adopted together, even though this usually results in them being more difficult to adopt.  But for many homeless animals, their soul-mate has been their rock through often difficult times, and the emotional consequences of breaking them up are too devastating.

Ace & Queen would love to be treated and adored like royalty in a caring new home.  They are Miniature Pinschers, spayed/neutered, approximately 5 years of age.

Both have a cute prance and spring in their step, along with being compatible with friendly cats and dogs and children.  At the time of rescue they were banished to living outdoors only, which is unacceptable, so your patience and guidance may be needed to help with completing housetraining.

Ace & Queen are both on a special diet (fish-based food) for allergies, and Queen has a chronic dry eye needing daily drops.

These regal little dogs have been with us for several months now anxiously awaiting someone special to adopt them.  Special thanks to Pet'ographique, and our volunteers who took them to their portrait session, for this amazing portrait to help them find a forever home.