Saturday, November 13, 2010

What does it feel like to be adored?

Update: Lilly is in foster care for special attention.

Understandably, Lilly has caution in her eyes.

But she yearns to love and trust someone gentle.

Lilly is a lovely, petite Chihuahua, spayed female, about 3 years of age, and she debuts for adoption today.

She needed us when her previous owner kicked her out of the family after having a baby.  She limps because her front right leg was previously broken, but never fixed, so her leg tried to heal on its own and did so abnormally.

Besides getting along well with other dogs, Lilly is reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door) and crate-trained.

We prefer an adult-only home for her because she is very anxious with strangers.  But with those she trusts, she showers them with kisses and affection.

Please adopt Lilly and show her how nurturing and compassionate people can be.