Monday, November 29, 2010

Can you offer me a forever home?

Update: Saint was adopted on November 29th!

There is no resisting this little charmer's tremendous personality.

Saint is a bubbly, very affectionate puppy who loves cuddling just as much as he delights in playing.

Our best guess is that he is an Australian Cattle Dog mix.  He is neutered, about 9 months of age, and debuting for adoption today.

Saint enjoys playing fetch and he is great with dogs, cats, and children.  

He may need your patience and guidance, and a steady lifestyle routine, to complete housetraining.

Saint needed us when his previous owners had marital difficulties.

Please visit him in "Woof Row" at Nevada SPCA or ask for him by name at the front desk.

I could be purring in your lap today.

Meeko has the quiet confidence and calm nature that can make for an exceptional lifelong companion, especially for those looking for a loving "lap cat".

He is a noble boy, a Balinese with chocolate point markings and crisp blue eyes, neutered, and about 7 years of age.

Meeko needed us when his previous owners moved out of Las Vegas without him.

He gets along quite well with other cats and loves to purr loudly while soaking up your adoration.

Please meet and adopt Meeko in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.  He is one of 200 rescued, spayed/neutered cats there seeking forever homes with caring, committed people.

Please hold me and let me know you love me.

Jeraldine aches for reassurance and adoration.  She is most at peace when we hold and comfort her.

She is a senior Dachshund, at least 10 years of age, spayed, with glaucoma in her left eye that requires daily medication.

We rescued Jeraldine from another shelter and her background is mostly unknown.

Along with people, she finds contentedness with other dogs.  Dachshund knowledge and/or experience is preferred for her adoption.

Seniors have a loving magic of their own, with rich emotional rewards for those who adopt them.  Please consider letting Jeraldine into your life.

Yes, I am glamorous, but I am more snuggly and loving than a diva.

Update: Ritzy was adopted on November 30th!

At the time of rescue this young angel was sick with the deadly parvo virus, and out on the mean streets trying to fend for herself.

We had extensive medical care provided for her and, wonderfully, she made a full recovery.

We named her Ritzy.  She is a gorgeous, petite Pomeranian mix with expressive green eyes, about one year of age, now spayed and debuting for adoption.

Ritzy enjoys other sweet dogs and she requires regular professional grooming care (at least quarterly or so).

Ritzy is alive today thanks to the generosity of caring people like you.  Please donate to Nevada SPCA this holiday season to help save other innocent lives in desperate need across our community.

I vigilantly watched over my mom until the tragedy was discovered.

Update: Stella was adopted on December 3rd!

Some sparkles are returning to the anxious eyes of this sweet little lady.

Stella kept vigil over her previous mom for 4 days before someone discovered that she had died in her home.  Stella was exhausted, very hungry, and in distress.

She is bouncing back emotionally a bit more every day.  Being here with other dogs has helped her and we feel strongly that she needs to go to a home with at least one other dog.

Stella is reportedly also compatible with cats and housetrained.  She is people-oriented and animal-oriented to the extent that toys do not interest her much.

She is a Toy & Terrier mix, spayed female, about 8 years of age, and she debuts for adoption today.

Please adopt her and cherish her.  She is on daily heart medication for life and we will send her home with a short-term supply prescribed by her veterinarian.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I humbly ask for your consideration. Please adopt me.

Teddy is a calm, loving boy with soulful eyes.

He likes going for walks, playing with a wide variety of toys, and cuddling with you.

Teddy is a handsome Shepherd mix, full of warmth and goodwill.  He is neutered, about 6 years of age, and reportedly housetrained and good with dogs and mature kids.

He needed us due to his previous owner's financial hardship.

Teddy was diagnosed with arthritis in his hips and he does not like them being touched.  Glucosamine seems to be helping, so we recommend consulting with your veterinarian about keeping him on this.

Teddy would love to meet you.  Please ask for him by name when you visit.

I am still a baby boy and I am starving for attention.

Update: Gary was adopted on December 6th!

So overjoyed to get human interaction, Gary can be like a tornado of excitement.

This is not a mystery, as his previous owner mentioned keeping him in the backyard during the day and in the garage at night.

Gary is still a puppy -- just 7 months of age -- and he needs to be with people and have indoor access so he can live as a cherished member of the family.

He is inquisitive and eager to please, so we believe he will catch on to good behaviors easily.  Please provide basic dog training for him so he can channel his energy into being a sweet, well-behaved boy.

Gary is a medium-size Labrador Retriever mix, neutered, and ready for adoption today.  He is compatible with other dogs and may know how to use a doggie door.

He needs an experienced home because he reportedly does nippy bite-kisses to faces.  This is not uncommon with puppies, but should have been corrected many months ago.

Please adopt Gary and help him realize his full loving potential.

Every day of life gives me a reason to smile.

Update: Xica was adopted on December 4th!

This well-behaved, endearing girl reminds us of Baloo, the heroic blue bear featured in Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book".

Xica has a Teddy Bear-like personality.  She is engaging and chatty, full of enthusiasm and joy.

She is a Shepherd mix with distinguished blue coloring.  She is spayed, about 4 years of age, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Like Elgin, Xica is one of the eight dogs we rescued on Thanksgiving Eve from a government shelter.  She was reportedly surrendered there when her previous owner lost the family home to foreclosure.

Besides being good with dogs, Xica reportedly is housetrained and enjoys children.

I was pardoned on Thanksgiving Eve.

Elgin is good at sneaking kisses on you.

He is quite the lovebug, outgoing and friendly, a very sweet-natured boy.

Elgin is an American Eskimo, neutered male, about 5 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

He is great with other dogs and needs regular brushing and grooming care.

Elgin is one of eight dogs we rescued from a government shelter on Thanksgiving Eve.  He is full of life and looking forward to sharing his unconditional love with a committed new owner.

My dream is that a new owner will stick with me for my entire life.

Friendly and cheery, this young boy greets us every day by hopping forward in his condo and stretching up his head and ears for gentle rubs.

Brunswick is a very handsome American Sable rabbit.  He is neutered and about 18 months of age.

Besides his daily greens and Timothy hay, he delights in pieces of shredded wheat for a healthy mid-day treat.

Brunswick needed us after he had been handed around from person to person -- like a sad "musical chairs" -- until there was no one left who would care for him properly.

But this has not stopped him from believing in people.  He is very engaging and full of many surprises for the person, couple, or family who welcome him into their lives.

Brunswick is one of 90 rescued, spayed/neutered bunnies for adoption at Nevada SPCA.  Please ask for him by name in our new Lovebugs Room.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Perhaps I am royalty. But I just want a loving, forever home.

Update: Countess was adopted on December 18th!

Countess is a regal girl, but down-to-earth and very sweet, more interested in snuggling than being treated like a princess.

She is a Labrador Retriever mix, spayed, and about 7 years of age.  She was trying to fend for herself on the streets at the time of rescue.

Countess gets along very well with other dogs.  She is mellow and easy-going, full of so much charm once you give her a close look.  But the problem is that she is usually overlooked by visitors, maybe due to her size or coloring.

To help showcase Countess at her best, we asked the good people at Pet'ographique to feature her in a professional portrait, and we think the result is spectacular, revealing her innocence and friendliness. (Double-click her picture to see it in larger size.)

She has so much unconditional love to share.  Please come meet Countess and spend time with her in our adoption courtyard.  She is ready to bless a special person, couple, or family with a lifetime of loyal devotion.

Can I be your devoted boy for life?

Update: Tank was adopted on November 30th!

Good with children of all ages, including toddlers, Tank is a cute youngster who is ready to join a loving family today.

He is inquisitive, fun, and friendly.  He reportedly enjoys kong toys the most -- the kind of toys you stuff with treats or peanut butter that can keep him engaged for an hour or more.

Tank is a medium-size, tri-color Heinz 57, most likely with Shepherd and Boxer.  He is neutered and approximately 2 years young.

He is reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door).

Tank was surrendered to us because his previous owners said they did not have enough room for him in their home.

I am so grateful to be alive.

Update: Mattie was adopted on December 14th!

At the time of rescue this precious puppy was on the streets, very sick with the deadly parvo virus.

We had extensive medical care provided for her and she triumphantly made a full recovery.

We named her Mattie.  She is a Chihuahua, about 7 months of age, now spayed and debuting for adoption today.

Mattie is a bashful baby girl and she has a very loving nature.  We believe she will do best in a gentle home.

She is good with other sweet dogs.  Please remember to carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety and protection.

Mattie was saved thanks to your donations to Nevada SPCA.  We do not receive funding from the government or national animal organizations, so our lifesaving work for community animals in desperate need is completely dependent on compassionate people like you.  Thank you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am like a Teddy Bear who has come to life.

 Update: Jake was adopted on November 26th!

Pet'ographique, a professional portrait studio in Henderson, donated their time and talent to help us showcase Jake, a boy whose magic is revealed upon closer inspection.

As with other "big black dogs" -- who nation-wide have the most difficulty in shelters and rescue programs -- it is important we do all we can to encourage people to give him a second look so that an adoption decision can be made on his personality, instead of his size or age or coloring.

And what a personality he has!  Jake is full of life, very charming and loyal, easy-going, and eager to please you.

He is a tuxedo Retriever mix, neutered male, about 6 years of age.  He has been with us since September awaiting adoption, but he keeps getting mistakenly overlooked.

Jake is good with other dogs and reportedly housetrained.  We rescued him from another shelter, where he was placed when his previous family had financial hardship.

Please look at his smiles in the portraits above and remember this joyful boy will greet you with enormous cheer every day when you come home.

I am bursting with excitement to join a loving family.

Update: Lexi was adopted on November 27th!

Lexi is starving for attention.  She is joyful, energetic, and inquisitive, and very ready to begin her new life with a committed owner.

She is still a pup, at about 9 months of age, a Yellow Labrador Retriever mix, spayed female, debuting for adoption today.

She is good with children and friendly dogs she warms up to, and she is reportedly housetrained and crate-trained.

Lexi needed us because her previous owner could not give her the time daily that she needed.

Please come spend some time with Lexi in our adoption courtyard.  She would love to steal your heart.

Will you be gentle with us?

Update 2: Coco was adopted on November 26th!

Update: Oreia was adopted on November 24th!

Coco and Oreia are very pretty baby sisters with tender souls.

These girls debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  They are reportedly Doxie-Poos (Dachshund & Poodle mixes), spayed, about 6 months of age.

Coco and Oreia can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting them together for lifelong love and companionship.

They need regular grooming care and your patience and good guidance to complete housetraining.  (A steady lifestyle routine is the foundation for housetraining.)

The girls are as sweet as they look and compatible with friendly dogs and older, mature kids.

They needed us due to their previous owners' financial hardship.

Please carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety and protection.

Let me bounce right into your life.

If you seek a fellow explorer and adventurer for life, we urge you to consider adopting Cordilla.

She is a spunky, very happy, and gorgeous Jack Russell Terrier debuting for adoption today.  She is spayed, housetrained (with a doggie door), and about 2 years of age.

Cordilla is great with kind children and loves to play with them.  She is picky about which dogs she likes, and she detests cats and UPS trucks (and her incompatibility with cats is the reason she lost her previous home).

An active lifestyle with plenty of daily exercise and activity is essential for her.  Jack Russell Terrier knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred.

Cordilla debuts for adoption today.

We have lyrical personalities.

Rodgers & Hammerstein
Update: Rodgers & Hammerstein were adopted on December 13th!

Together, these brothers make beautiful music.

They are chatty youngsters, and their sing-song squeals of delight for their daily greens and veggies, and when they greet one of our staff or volunteers they know, produce a lively melody.

We named them Rodgers & Hammerstein.  They are approximately 18 months of age, American & English mix smooth coat guinea pigs, and they are so strongly bonded that they need to remain together forever for lifelong companionship.

The boys needed us because their previous owner thought a family member was allergic to them.

Please ask for Rodgers & Hammerstein by name in our new Lovebugs Room.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Does a charming, enchanting boy like me interest you?

Update: Ruckus was adopted on November 24th!

Ruckus is enjoying our free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Besides bonding well with other cats, who he likes to cuddle up with, we often find him laying on his back with his head peeking out of a cubby hole, upside down, as he watches visitors.

He is waiting for his own hero to show up and give him a forever home.

Ruckus is an exceptionally attractive Siamese mix with magical blue eyes.  He is neutered and about 2 years young.

Ruckus needed after his previous owner abandoned him at a veterinary clinic.

Please visit the Cat Condos and ask for him by name.

I hope you love my bouncy, swimming-like dancing.

Update: Bochi was adopted on November 26th!

Bochi is a little show-stopper!  He has learned that his enthusiastic dancing wins attention and adoration every time.  He stands on his hind legs, does dog-paddle swimming motions in the air, and bounces up and down.

He is a super cute Lhasa Apso & Terrier mix, neutered male, about 5 years of age.

Bochi had been abandoned on the streets, where he would not have survived for long fending for himself.

He is eager to please, so we think he will take to your good guidance quickly.  In addition, he is good with other dogs.

Please plan on regular professional grooming care for him.

Bochi debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Everything looks rosy to me.

Update: Colin Ray was adopted on December 18th!

Colin Ray is optimistic that he will soon be in a loving home.

He enjoys flashing his million dollar smile, and it helps reveal his happy-go-lucky nature.

Colin Ray is a good-looking Cocker Spaniel mix, neutered male, about 2 years of age.

We rescued him from another shelter, so we have very limited background information.  But we know he is compatible with other friendly dogs, that he adores people, and that he needs regular brushing and grooming care.

Colin Ray debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Are my lonely days over?

Update: Sissy was adopted on November 24th!

If you seek a tender-hearted girl and can commit to her for life, then Sissy may be just right for you.

She has a very gentle, endearing spirit.

Sissy is a blond Terrier & Toy mix.  She is spayed, about 2 years of age, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

We rescued this little angel from another shelter that ran out of space to keep her.  Prior to that, she was a stray, trying to fend for herself on the streets.

Sissy likes other sweet dogs and she needs regular brushing and grooming.  She will do best in a calm home.

Huge Thanksgiving Adoption Special at Nevada SPCA!

Ace of Hearts
In the spirit of tremendous appreciation to all of you who support animal rescue and adoption, this is our biggest-ever adoption special.

Through Friday at 5pm, the adoption fees on all ADULT animals at Nevada SPCA are discounted as follows:

75% off rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs
50% off cats
25% off dogs

[The discounts on adoption fees for adult animals are taken off these standard adoption fees: $35 for single rabbits and $50 for a bonded pair of bunnies, $5 for hamsters and gerbils, $10 for guinea pigs, $40 for cats, and dogs range from $75 to $150.  All rabbits, cats, and dogs are spayed/neutered.]

Despite the economic crisis, your help with spreading the word about animals awaiting adoptions has resulted in a record-setting year for Nevada SPCA's adoptions.  Thank you!  Forwarding the animals' pictures and stories to your friends, family, and co-workers is making a lifesaving difference for thousands of homeless animals.

This week, Nevada SPCA is open Monday through Wednesday, 11am-4pm, closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving, and open on Friday and Saturday from 11am-5pm.  This adoption special ends at 5pm on Friday.  We hope to see you this week!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Please make time to let me know you love me.

Update: Killian was adopted on November 22nd!

Killian loves to entertain himself, and you, by hiding a ball in a blanket and then playing and rolling and working hard to shake it out.

He is a good looking, affectionate boy who demands attention and respect.

He lost his previous home because his previous owner said he did not have enough time for him.

Killian is a Dachshund with a cute blue sunburst in his right eye.  He is neutered, about 4 years of age, and debuting for adoption today.

This well-behaved boy is compatible with other dogs, and reportedly housetrained and fine with kind children.

Dachshund knowledge and/or experience is preferred for his adoption.

I am ready to bring more color and sunshine into your life. Please adopt me.

Update: Hannah was adopted on November 26th!

Hannah is a cheery, joyful little wiggleworm, beaming with enthusiasm.

She is a pretty Cocker Spaniel, spayed female, about 7 years of age, and debuting for adoption today.

Hannah needed us when her previous owners divorced.  Besides being compatible with other dogs, she is reportedly good with kind children.

She is reportedly housetrained, but with a litter box, so she may need your patience and guidance to learn to use the backyard and/or walks.

Please budget extra for regular professional grooming care for Hannah.  This varies with each dog, but a good rule of thumb is planning on at least quarterly grooming.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Could they have at least come to a complete stop before throwing us out of the car?

Tom Tom
Update: Missy, Panda, and Tom Tom were adopted on November 20th!

These four angels are bouncing back well from extreme trauma, and today they triumphantly debut for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Missy, and her brothers Jamie, Panda, and Tom Tom, were witnessed by one of our volunteers being thrown out of a slow-moving car in a taped-up box.

She rushed them to us and we examined them for signs of injury.  With the help of a veterinary clinic it was determined they did not suffer any broken bones or other major physical injuries.  But they were terrified and in a state of shock, which tapered off after a few days of rest and tender care.

They are now spayed/neutered, about 4-5 months of age (Missy appears to be older and from a separate litter), and ready to find forever homes where they will be treated like treasures, not trash. 

They can be adopted separately, but please consider a pair for lifelong companionship -- especially since they have already survived extreme hardship at such young ages together.

Please meet and adopt them in the kitten room in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condos play-rooms.

I am the best snuggler.

Update: Clyde was adopted on November 22nd!

There is a tremendous amount of love in this little boy.

Despite being a youngster -- he is about 2-3 years of age -- he would rather cuddle than play with toys, generally speaking.

Clyde is a Terrier & Toy mix, neutered, debuting for adoption today.  He needed us because a member of his previous family was allergic to him.

Clyde enjoys other good-natured dogs and he is reportedly houstrained and crate-trained.  Please plan on regular brushing for him.

He needs a new owner who has plenty of time to share affection with him.  He is very social and people-oriented.  Please come meet and adopt him today at Nevada SPCA.

Prancing with a star!

Beau Don dances and prances and loves to show off!  Especially for treats and smiling cheers.  He is agile standing on his back legs and may spin too in order to dazzle you.

He is a cute, plump Bichon Frise, neutered male, approximately 3 years of age, debuting for adoption today.

Beau Don is great with dogs, and reportedly loves children and is compatible with cats.  He is also reportedly housetrained.

Please plan and budget for regular professional grooming care for him.

Beau Don reportedly has special diet needs (beef, no poultry, plus cranberries), so please consult your veterinarian for a diet plan best suited for him.

He needed us because his previous owner moved into a home where companion animals are not allowed.

Is there room for an artistic little boy like me in your life?

Don't even try to resist the great charm of Tennessee Williams, a young Rex bunny available for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

We love his inquisitive nature and how he craves gentle ear rubs and fresh daily greens and veggies.

Tennessee Williams has come a long way in a short time.  He is friendly and healthy now, but at the time of rescue he was struggling to survive on his own in a golf course, in poor condition and infested with ticks.

Please visit our new Lovebugs Room and ask for him by name.  He is one of 90 rescued, spayed/neutered bunnies awaiting loving, forever homes.

Do you promise to cherish me every day?

Update: Kahlua was adopted on November 19th!

We have particular worries when adopting dogs as small as Kahlua, a Teacup Chihuahua.  They sometimes attract people looking for a "pocket pet", or an ornament, instead of a new lifelong family member.

Kahlua is a very loving puppy and she enjoys soaking up your adoration.  We believe she will do best in a gentle home.

Kahlua is spayed, about 9 months young, and debuting for adoption today.  She needed us after her previous owner abandoned her with another family member who was unable to take care of her properly.

She likes other sweet dogs.  Since she play-bites, any children in the home should be older and very mature.  (This behavior can be corrected gently in an experienced home.)

Kahlua is reportedly housetrained, but so far only with pee pads.

Please be sure to carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety and protection.

I loyally waited for several weeks for my loved ones to remember me.

Update: Gunner was adopted on November 19th!

Abandoned in a foreclosed home, Gunner had nothing to do for weeks on end but try to forget about his hunger and wonder when his previous family would return to save him from starvation.

Of course, they never came.  But a caring neighbor stepped up to help him and get him into a rescue program.

Gunner is making a slow, steady recovery, and this progress will need to continue in his new home.  Traumatized by the abandonment, isolation, and starvation, his eyes were dulled with that glazed, heartbreaking look that we see so often.

He is a soulful, good-looking Chesapeake Bay Retriever with a handsome, wavy coat the breed is famous for.  He is neutered, approximately 3 years of age, and debuting for adoption today.

Gunner is fine with some dogs, but be sure to bring your current dog(s) to meet him in our adoption courtyard to ensure he is compatible with the whole family.

Please adopt Gunner and show him that humans have the ability to reciprocate his unconditional love.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am a little girl. I am not an "it."

Update: Brownie was adopted on November 18th!

Brownie is a Teacup Chihuahua, a bashful girl with a gentle spirit.  She gives kisses to soft-spoken people she knows and trusts.

She needed us when her previous owner claimed she "cannot keep it anymore."  Her body indicates she was used repeatedly for breeding. 

We had Brownie spayed and micro-chipped, and vaccinated, and she is now debuting for adoption today.  She is approximately 5 years of age, and missing bottom front teeth so her tongue often slides out of her mouth a bit.

She will do best in a calm home where she is adored and cherished every day.  She is compatible with other dogs and older children, and reportedly housetrained if given enough opportunities to go outside.

Please visit and ask for Brownie by name.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you.

Update: Myla was adopted on November 20th!

Myla is a precious baby girl who is so grateful to be alive.

At the time of rescue she was sick with the deadly parvo virus.  We had extensive medical treatment provided to her and she valiantly made a full recovery.

Myla is a Chihuahua puppy, spayed, about 4 months of age, and today is very special -- her debut day for adoption.

She is equally at home cuddling with you or playing, a beautiful, healthy blend of affection and energy.  She is also good with other friendly dogs.

Please be sure to carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety and protection.

Thank you to all of you who support Nevada SPCA.  Your donations make our rescue and rehabilitation of innocent life possible.

I had given up hope that anyone would ever really love me.

Update: Coconut was adopted on November 18th!

We are encouraged to see a spark returning to this little girl's eyes.

It is the look of a spirit coming back to life, becoming hopeful, daring to believe in people again.

We rescued her from another shelter that ran out of space to keep her and we named her Coconut.  She is a Lhasa Apso, spayed, about 4 years of age.

Coconut was a tangled mess, full of knots and dirt.  Her anatomy reveals that her previous owner not only severely neglected her, but exploited her repeatedly for breeding before discarding her on the streets.

Shaving off years of mess and matts, a beautiful angel was revealed.

Coconut is warming up to people beautifully, though understandably reserved at first.  However, she wants no part of any other dogs being around her.  At this time, she needs to be the only dog in the home.

Please plan on regular professional grooming care for her so that she always looks and feels good and healthy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I could be sleeping at the foot of your bed tonight.

Update: Spike was adopted on November 18th!

Spike emanates devoted love.

This beaming boy can steal your heart in a second flat.   

We are mesmerized by his light-hearted personality and very lovable nature.

Spike is an especially attractive Lhasa Apso debuting for adoption today.  He is neutered, about 6 years of age, good with dogs, and reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door), crate-trained, and compatible with kind children.

Please plan on regular professional grooming care for him and budget extra accordingly.  Every dog is different, but Spike may need grooming at least quarterly, on top of regular brushing.

Spike needed us because a family member in his previous home was allergic to him.  All indications suggest that he was cherished and adored there.

He needs a new home, a forever home.  One that lets him sleep on the bed, which he loves to do.

I was saved in the nick of time!

We see tremendous loving potential in this young, noble, fun-loving boy.

Tito is a handsome Doberman Pinscher mix, neutered, 2 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Tito is fine with some dogs, but picky who he likes.  With people, he responds beautifully to kindness and tenderness.

We rescued him from a government-funded shelter.  He was on his last afternoon there and was about to be moved to the euthanasia room when we were alerted by a shelter employee who asked us to save this sweet soul and come get him.  We did, immediately.

Every time you adopt an animal from Nevada SPCA it allows us to save another life in desperate need.

Tito would like the opportunity to charm you and show you how remarkable he can be.  Please visit and spend time with him in our adoption courtyard.

Let me show you how devoted I am.

Staff and volunteers are especially taken by this endearing youngster.

Charli craves loving attention.  She glows when you pet her and she never wants to leave your lap.

Charli is a gorgeous Lynx Point Siamese mix with sky blue eyes, spayed female, about 2 years of age. 

Besides adoring people, she gets along well with other cats.  She is a bit shy with newcomers, but very warm-hearted with those she knows and trusts.

Charli needed us when her previous owner lost the family home to foreclosure.

Please ask for her by name in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA.

Will our futures be bright, sunny, and full of love?

Daisy, Angus, and Rose
Adam and Arnie
Update 3: Arnie was adopted on November 20th!

Update 2: Daisy was adopted on November 19th. 

Update: Three of the five (Adam, Angus, and Rose) were adopted on November 18th! 

These five angels -- two girls (Daisy and Rose) and three boys (Adam, Arnie, and Angus) -- debut for adoption today.

We rescued their mother, Violet, a purebred Chihuahua, from the streets.  She had been abandoned, pregnant, and she was dodging cars and trying to stay alive on her own.  We placed her in a loving foster home where she could have her babies in peace and tranquility, and so they could be raised in a home environment.  (Violet will be spayed and available for adoption later this month.)

Violet's puppies are each sweethearts with very loving, tender natures.  They enjoy cuddling and snuggling and giving you kisses.  They are shy with strangers and loud people, so gentle homes are the best fit for each of them.

Their foster mom introduced them to other friendly dogs, began teaching them paper-training, and had them explore and play in her large garden.

The pups are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and approximately 5 months of age.  (Note: the ear tattoos are temporary and were made by the veterinary hospital spaying and neutering them to help keep track of them at the time of surgery.)  Please consider adopting a pair, or a trio, for lifelong companionship, but they can be adopted separately.  It is important to remember to carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety and protection.

Please come meet them.  You will be amazed how much unconditional love these tiny babies have ready to share with you in exchange for a lifetime commitment.

We are all about razzle-dazzle!

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Update: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid were adopted on November 19th!

Laughter and smiles are always earned when these two youngsters play.  They dance and prance, then dart behind a cat tree and wait to pounce on each other, strategically deciding when it's more fun to play hide-and-seek or engage in all-out wrestling.

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid love cats too.  We give them supervised time to playfully engage the cats too in the center area of the free-roaming Cat Condos playrooms and they ensure that all of the felines get their exercise for the day.

These young brothers are albino ferrets, neutered, and about 18 months of age.  They are strongly bonded and need to remain together forever.

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid needed us due to their previous owner's financial hardship.

Please ask for the boys by name in the Cat Condos.  Ferret knowledge and/or experience is needed for their adoption.