Monday, October 25, 2010

Play soccer with me.

Bosco is ready today to bring fun and excitement to your life.

He is an outgoing, friendly, engaging youngster with a cheery nature.  He enjoys frisbees, soccer balls, and splashing around in wading pools.

Bosco is a handsome Boxer, neutered male, 18 months of age, debuting for adoption today.  Boxer knowledge and/or experience is needed for his adoption.

He was rescued by neighbors after his previous owners abandoned him in a foreclosed home. 

Bosco is reportedly compatible with other dogs and kind children, plus he is housetrained and crate-trained.

Please note he requires an experienced owner because of his alpha tendencies, including jumping on people and seeing what other mischief he can get away with.  Please only consider him if you are willing and able to provide dog training for him.