Monday, October 25, 2010

It is not my fault that I am losing my hearing.

Update: Calvin was adopted on November 6th!

Calvin was surrendered to another shelter because he is deaf, or nearly deaf.  That shelter asked us to take Calvin to help find him a special needs home, and we happily agreed.

He is a mellow, sweet older boy, at least 8 years of age.  He is a Cocker Spaniel, neutered, and his teeth have been cleaned and his ears flushed.

Calvin is compatible with other dogs, plus he is reportedly housetrained.  He reportedly is aggressive with cats though.

His loss of hearing is apparently rather recent, so he needs an experienced, patient owner who will work out a series of hand signals for him for good communication.  For example, we teach deaf dogs that a "thumbs up" means all is well and we are happy with him/her.  Then, our staff and volunteers walk by the dog's kennel and flash the thumbs up sign throughout the day.

Please visit and ask for Calvin by name.  He needs a hero.