Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is there anyone out there who will love an old Basset Hound like me?

Update: Sir Charles was adopted on October 22nd!

His eyes say it all.

Sir Charles is pleading to be loved, to be cherished.

He had been dumped at a local veterinary clinic and had nowhere to go.  He had no collar, ID tag, or micro-chip ID, and had not yet been neutered.  Making matters worse, he was suffering from a large tumor in his right ear and severe dental decay.

We rescued him, had the tumor removed, had him neutered, and had his teeth cleaned.  We named him Sir Charles because he has a regal, noble aura.

Sir Charles is gentle and easy-going.  He just yearns for love and acceptance, worried that at 10 years of age he will be readily disregarded by potential adopters. 

He is compatible with other calm dogs.  Basset Hound knowledge and/or experience is preferred for his adoption.