Thursday, October 14, 2010

Desperate hunger is behind me now. I want to join a family.

Update: Counter was adopted on October 16th!

Counter is a fun-loving youngster with a sunny disposition.

His spirit has lightened and relaxed now that his health is back and strong.

Counter's foster mom saved him from starvation on the streets, helping him recover from the weakness and utter despair that sets in the late stages of food deprivation.

With every pound regained, his exuberance grew too.  She named him Counter because he began "counter surfing" -- jumping on her counters with a smile on his face searching for an extra bite of food.

Counter is eager to please, so we believe he will respond beautifully to basic dog training.  This will help him channel his newfound energy into good behaviors.

He is a handsome Labrador Retriever, neutered male, 2 years of age, and he is compatible with dogs and kind children.  He debuts for adoption today and he would love to spend time with you in our adoption courtyard.  Please visit and ask for him by name.