Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adopt me and I will be your lifelong golden boy.

Update: Charlie was adopted on October 21st!

Volunteers and staff are fawning over this sharp, stunning German Shepherd who debuted for adoption yesterday.

Charlie is neutered, approximately 4 years of age, knowledgeable with basic training commands, alert, and friendly.  In addition, he is reportedly compatible with kids and dogs, and housetrained too.

German Shepherd knowledge and/or experience is needed for his adoption. 

Like so many other companion animals, Charlie needed us when people began playing 'musical chairs' with him -- handing him from one person to the next.  His previous owner abandoned him with a friend, and so on.

That dangerous roller-coaster ride is over though now that he is at Nevada SPCA.  We seek committed, nurturing people who are willing and able to provide forever homes to animals and let them become cherished members of their families.

Please visit and ask for Charlie by name.