Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With all of this tender care I feel like a prince!

Update: Mac was adopted on October 5th!

At the time of rescue it was clear this puppy had never before been brushed or groomed.  Even worse, he had been living in filthy conditions and had urine burns on his paws.

We shaved him all the way down to the skin, freeing him of knots and tangles and filth, symbolic of the lifestyle he permanently leaves behind.

Today, Mac debuts for adoption.  Come meet this adorable baby boy and enjoy his friendly, loving nature.

Now that he is eating nutritious food, we expect his coat to grow back beautifully.  And, more importantly, his personality is blooming.

Mac is a cute Poodle mix, neutered male, about 6 months of age.  He is compatible with other sweet dogs and needs regular pro grooming care (so please budget extra accordingly).