Monday, April 5, 2010

I am terrified that I will be abandoned, yet again.

Imagine a world where nothing seems stable.

Where you give your unconditional love to someone and then you are rejected.

Hilda's severe separation anxiety was born from being cast away from those she loved. Now, she fears that each time you walk out the door that you are leaving her forever.

Hilda is a gorgeous, intelligent, young German Shepherd, spayed, about 18 months of age.

She is generally well-behaved, being good with dogs and kind children, plus housetrained too (with a doggie door).

But when you leave the home Hilda reportedly works tirelessly to escape and may become destructive once she does so.

There are no instant fixes for separation anxiety. But progress can be made with time, great patience, and a steady lifestyle routine. Comings-and-goings should be matter-of-fact, void of drama.

Please be willing to consult a veterinarian, trainer, and/or behaviorist as needed, if needed, to help her. The last thing she needs is to ever be rejected again.

German Shepherd knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred for her adoption.

Please come meet Hilda today. She has so much loyalty and devotion to bless you with for the rest of her life.