Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am beginning to enjoy human kindness.

Update: Magellan was adopted on March 6th!

We can only speculate on Magellan's past, before he was dumped improperly at a pet store.

Our best guess is he had almost no human socialization and was bred to be sold as a baby "Easter bunny" last spring.

Fortunately, he is now at Nevada SPCA and getting the attention he needs to develop into a well-adjusted, socialized adult rabbit.

Magellan is now neutered and ready for adoption. He is approximately 8 months of age, so still baby-like in many respects.

Staff named him after an explorer due to his adventurous spirit. He is confident, exceptionally handsome, and full of terrific potential.

An experienced home is required, not just due to his young age, but because he needs to continue his progress learning to trust people and receive affection.

Magellan is one of more 70 bunnies, all spayed/neutered, who are available for adoption at Nevada SPCA.