Saturday, August 29, 2009

I yearn to feel at peace and to accept your love.

Update: Foxy Roxy was adopted on September 4th!

Foxy Roxy's
innocence and trust were badly violated. The person (or people) she loved and depended on viciously struck and beat her.

She is extremely head-shy and winces with almost every human contact. She even screams when her tail is touched.

But the monster(s) did not destroy her spirit. Foxy Roxy is very anxious to let her guard down and accept your comforts. The emotional wall will come down, provided she is given plenty of time in a gentle, experienced home.

Foxy Roxy is a Chihuahua, spayed, and about 2 years young.

She seems to be fine with both cats and dogs. Another animal or two in her new home should help her fit in better.

Foxy Roxy debuts for adoption today. This sensitive girl survived physical horrors, but emotional healing takes more time. She needs a hero to keep all human evil out of her future.