Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why were they trying to kill me?

Update: Rusty was adopted on July 18th!

is a very affectionate youngster with a heart of gold.

He is a chocolate & tan Miniature Pinscher mix, neutered male, approximately 18 months of age.

He is housetrained (with a doggie door), crate-trained, and compatible with both cats and dogs.

Rusty had an extremely traumatic experience with a gang of children and teenagers. They were making a game of trying to run him over with their bikes and skateboards, and laughing as he weaved and cried to avoid being crushed.

A caring adult stopped this cruelty and rescued Rusty from the gang.

He needs a gentle home, and for obvious reasons, he will do best with only adults (or much older & mature kids). Rusty debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Let's ensure that this sweetheart never sees the dark side of human nature again.