Friday, July 31, 2009

I am a family cat who needs a new family.

Update: Donald was adopted on September 21st!

loves kids.

He enjoys other cats too and he has a social nature.

Donald is a Cream Point Siamese mix, neutered male, approximately 6 years of age. He has stunning blue eyes and an endearing face.

He was left behind inside a foreclosed home. Fortunately, he was rescued before starving to death.

Donald is available for adoption today in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Please come meet this exceptional boy. Like all of the rescued cats at Nevada SPCA, he needs and seeks a very committed and strictly indoor-only home where he will safely be a member of his new family.

Tiny Dancer.

Update: Morton was adopted on August 7th!

makes sure you will not miss seeing him when you walk by his kennel.

He stands as tall as he can on his back legs and dances by making a swimming motion with his front legs. When we see this we say "he's swimming!"

Morton also loves to cuddle and he enjoys other dogs.

He is such a precious little jewel, but his previous owner was apparently unaware of this. When we rescued him from another shelter, he was covered in knots and tangles that were many months in the making.

Morton is most likely a Maltese & Toy Poodle mix, approximately 7 years of age. He is neutered and ready for adoption now at Nevada SPCA.

Adoption is forever, so please do not let me down.

Update: Gotti was adopted on July 31st!

is full of character and after spending even just a few minutes with him his whimsical personality is revealed.

He is well-behaved too. He is reportedly compatible with mature children and housetrained (though he sometimes marks when left alone and uncrated).

Gotti is an exceptionally cute Boston Terrier, neutered male, just a year of age.

Gotti needed us when his owner determined that he required more room to play in than a small apartment could provide.

We do not know his particular past situation, but generally we find that space is not a key issue with dogs as long as they have regular play-times and walks they can count on.

The ideal new owner for Gotti will be knowledgeable about Boston Terriers and tolerant of a young boy who still acts very much like a puppy. He is ready for adoption beginning today at Nevada SPCA.

Please do not ever hit me or scream at me.

Update: Tommy was adopted on August 10th!

is a sensitive youngster with tremendous loving potential.

We believe he is an Australian Terrier, approximately 3 years of age. He is neutered.

We rescued Tommy from another shelter. It was clear he had been abused, either physically or through screaming, so he was placed in a foster home to begin his emotional recovery.

He made progress with trust, showed that he is good with other dogs, and picked up quickly on housetraining and crate-training.

Tommy needs to continue this progress in a quieter, gentle home where he never needs to fear again.

Please be sure to budget extra for regular grooming care.

I wiggle with enthusiasm!

Update: Lucy was adopted on October 17th!

has a sunny personality and she glows and bursts with joy.

Her whole body wiggles when she is excited and she loves to cuddle and rub against you.

Her mother is a Boxer (named Doeja, who is also available for adoption), so our best guess is that her father is a Retriever or Shepherd. She is one year young and still very puppy-like in temperament.

Lucy and Doeja needed rescue when their owners moved out of the country.

Both are housetrained and compatible with kind, mature children. Lucy is hesitant trusting adult men, but very warm once she is familiar with them.

Lucy and Doeja would love to stay together forever, but it is not required that you adopt them both.

They are wonderful together, but picky about which other dogs they like.

Lucy and Doeja are two of almost two dozen dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

I am super lovable.

Update: Truman was adopted on August 14th!

is a very friendly and sweet little boy who enjoys your attention.

He loves to be reassured that you care for and appreciate him.

Truman tolerates being held, but usually only for short periods.

Truman is a handsome Holland Mini Lop bunny, approximately 3 years of age.

He is neutered and ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

We rescued Truman from another shelter. He had been surrendered there by his owners who were moving away without him.

Truman and 70 other spayed/neutered rabbits are available for adoption today.

Also, if you are new to bunny care, please visit and we will give you starter information to help you consider and determine whether adoption will be a good fit for you and your family. We hope to see you soon.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am a sweetheart puppy.

Update: Vanilla Puff was adopted on July 31st!

Vanilla Puff
is tender-hearted and she has a gentle personality.

She is most likely a "Powder Puff" -- a Chinese Crested & Poodle mix. She is spayed and approximately 8 months young.

Vanilla Puff is healing from neglect. Also, she had been exposed to the dreaded, deadly parvo virus. So, we had extensive care provided to her at a veterinary hospital and she made a full recovery.

She is now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Vanilla Puff enjoys other dogs and she needs regular grooming care. Knowledge of the Chinese Crested breed is preferred (due to the thin hair on her body and grooming needs).

Can you keep me and adore me forever?

Update: Chloe was adopted on July 31st!

is a petite Dachshund puppy, full of love, and cute as can be.

She is spayed and approximately 8 months of age. She is compatible with other sweet dogs.

Chloe needed rescue when her owners lost the family home to foreclosure.

During this recession, we have seen far more Dachshunds needing rescue than we ever expected. They may now be the fourth most common breed here at Nevada SPCA (behind Bully mixes, Chihuahuas, and Retrievers).

Dachshund knowledge and/or experience is preferred for Chloe.

This darling girl is ready today for a committed, experienced new home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am a puppy, so I am supposed to be playful and rambunctious.

Update: Sam was adopted on July 30th!

story is a very common one.

He was purchased at a pet store for a large sum, but then his owners quickly realized it takes a lot of work to help keep puppies safe, and to help them develop properly into well-adjusted, well-balanced adults.

In short order, he was given to us for a more suitable, experienced home.

Sam is an adorable Beagle puppy with a curious nature. He is approximately 3 months of age. We had him neutered and he is now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

The ideal home for Sam will be one experienced with his breed, very committed to him for the next 15 years or more (for life), willing to seek basic training, and patient enough to puppy-proof the home and yard to keep him protected.

I may be in my twilight years, but this is my chance for real, devoted love.

Update: Betsy was adopted on July 30th!

is a 12-year old sweetheart who finds herself starting over late in life.

But this is her golden opportunity to experience the best of human nature and spend her remaining years with a person or couple who cherishes her.

Betsy is a Maltese, spayed, and ready for adoption today.

We rescued her from another shelter. She was terribly matted and tangled, filthy from years of severe neglect.

We had Betsy groomed. Our groomer was so taken by her beauty and personality that she added some frills and got carried away with coloring (pink on her forehead).

Please adopt this petite little lady and make sure she is never let down again.

I am well now and ready to start my new life.

Update: Elle was adopted on December 22nd!

Updated with new picture and profile information on November 9th.

is a darling puppy with a beautiful, innocent heart.

Elle is an American Bulldog, spayed, and approximately 9 months young. She is available for adoption at Nevada SPCA today.

We rescued Elle from an owner. She was very sick with the deadly parvo virus and he could not afford to provide emergency medical care for her, which would have resulted in certain death.

We arranged for intensive care for her and she made a full recovery.

Elle is a loving girl, though head-strong, and she demands lots of your time and affection.

Bully knowledge and/or experience is preferred for her. Please come meet this little angel. She is best as the only pet in the home.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give me a hug.

Update: Chocolate Truffles was adopted on August 22nd!

Cats outdoors, who we believe are always in unnecessary danger, sometimes crawl up underneath cars and get injured or killed.

We usually see this in the colder months when they seek warmth and then get slashed by fanbelts when the cars are started.

But it happens in warmer months too, and Chocolate Truffles will always bear the scars of her experience.

She arrived in emergency need this past spring, traumatized, bleeding from large wounds on her back paws.

Chocolate Truffles was rushed into intensive care at a veterinary clinic. Her veterinarian believed she got stuck in a car and was drug along a street, which scraped off her fur and skin on the tops of her back paws.

She needed operations and weeks of recovery, but her care was a success. She can now walk again.

Chocolate Truffles is a very loving Chocolate Point Siamese with ice blue eyes. She is spayed and approximately two years young. (In this picture, she is showing off her dainty front paws, which were not injured.)

Chocolate Truffles will shower her new owner/guardian with a lifetime of affection and unconditional love. Hopefully it is needless to say that she and all of the other rescued cats for adoption at Nevada SPCA need and require strictly indoor-only lifestyles as members of their new families.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I pray that my new owner will adore me.

Update: Cupcake was adopted on July 29th!

After being purchased as a puppy at a pet store for a giant sum, Cupcake soon found himself banished to living only outdoors.

If it was due to punishment, he did not understand what, if anything, he had done wrong.

Cupcake's severe neglect though extended far beyond just being forced to try and survive in this extreme desert climate. He was fed low-nutrient food, irregularly at that, and he was never groomed.

Worse of all, he was unloved.

Cupcake is a sweetheart and he has a gentle nature. We know he will bloom magnificently as he comes to understand love and knows he is being cherished.

Cupcake is a Bichon Frise & Poodle, approximately two years young. He is good with other dogs and he needs regular grooming (we suggest at least quarterly grooming).

He is now neutered and he debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. His new owner(s) will need to be patient with him as he adjusts to living predominantly indoors. Please show him how wonderful a loving, committed home can be.

I am a Ladies' Man.

Update: Larson was adopted on December 17th!

is an intelligent, handsome youngster who falls head-over-heels for our female staff and volunteers.

He is an ace at not just playing ball and running with you, but also with snuggling.

Larson is most likely a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix, approximately one year of age. From the compatibility tests we have done with him, it is important that he is the only pet in the home.

We rescued him from the streets. He was quite unruly, trying to survive on his own. But we have given him some dog training and he has mastered basic commands easily.

If you seek a loyal, fun-loving companion, and you are 100% committed to basic dog obedience training, please consider Larson. Please come play ball with him in our courtyard today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rejection hurts so much.

Update: Lourdes was adopted on July 31st!

They absurdly regarded Lourdes, who only weighs 7 or 8 pounds, as 'heavy baggage'.

When her previous owners evacuated the foreclosed home, she watched the family load up clothes, appliances, furniture, artwork, books, curtains, beauty and grooming supplies, and even cheap knick-knacks.

Yet no room was made for Lourdes.

The tiny, sweet girl was tossed in the backyard, and they drove away, recklessly leaving her fate to chance. Just like that, her family was gone for good and she was on her own.

Someone with a heart stepped up and brought her to safety at Nevada SPCA.

Lourdes is a Lynx Point Siamese & Manx mix (she has no tail) with ocean-blue eyes, and she is approximately 18 months young.

She is now spayed and ready for adoption in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA.

Lourdes never wants to feel lost or abandoned again. A strictly indoor-only lifestyle with a very committed owner with a tender touch will give her the reassurance she needs to know deep in her heart that she is loved and cherished, and belongs to a family.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The sparkle is returning to my eyes.

Update: Timmy was adopted on October 5th!

spirit was broken so long ago. He probably gave up hope that he would ever feel safe or enjoy a fulfilling life with people who cared for him.

One recent day his owners abandoned him in a parking lot. He succeeded in dodging cars, avoiding being crushed, long enough for an animal control officer to catch him.

Timmy then went to a local shelter. We took him from there to give him the time he needs to begin recovering from many years of neglect and abuse.

Timmy is groomed now, looking and feeling better. But he was all matted knots and filthy tangles -- a mess resulting from years of not being brushed or bathed.

He wants so much to get affection. But he holds back, worried of being hurt again. He's a senior -- 10 years of age -- but it's certainly not too late for Timmy to find love. With stability and trust, his emotional wall will come down.

Timmy is a Yorkshire Terrier mix, neutered, and ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

He is good with other dogs. He needs an adult-only home with a great deal of patience and he needs to avoid all contact with children, to err on the safe side for dog bite prevention. He also needs regular grooming care so that from now on he is clean and feeling good.

Please show Timmy the power of love and help him believe in people again.

You be my loving guardian and I will be your little angel.

Update: Caramel was adopted on July 27th!

is an incredibly adorable puppy who is learning how loving and attentive people can be. Her future with a very caring owner will give her self-esteem and peace-of-mind.

She and her mother and father and brother were all abandoned at once by their previous "caretaker". It was clear they were neglected and unloved. Her father and brother were sick with the deadly parvo virus (and they are receiving intensive medical treatment).

Caramel and her mother Layla avoided coming down with the disease. They are bonded and we would love for them to go home together, forever, but this is not required.

Caramel is a Maltese mix, spayed female, approximately 8 months of age.

Please plan on regular grooming for her, and budget extra accordingly.

An experienced home is required for her due to the past abuse and helping her overcome any lingering emotional issues from her past.

Caramel and Layla are two of more than a dozen dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

I feel invisible because people do not seem to see what an amazing boy I am.

Update: Sesame Street was adopted on February 22nd!

Sesame Street
is all about love and joy.

He has a spectacular personality and an outgoing, engaging nature.

Sesame Street is just a year of age, neutered, housetrained, and good with other sweet dogs. He is a Bully mix with blue-grey & white coloring.

We are very surprised that people do not ask to meet him. They are overlooking a jewel!

Sesame Street seems to bear the stigma in visitors' eyes of once having demodex, a skin condition. (We disclose past histories and conditions on the dogs' profiles.) But he successfully completed months of treatment and fully recovered from the condition.

We urge you to give this sweetheart a second look. His sunny, bright spirit will give you a lifetime of unconditional love and good cheer.

My owner failed me at my time of greatest need.

Update: Gracie was adopted on December 23rd!

In Gracie's eyes you can still see the trauma and devastation of her extremely cruel abandonment.

One of our staff found her crammed inside a small box without food or water. Underneath her were her dead newborn kittens.

Gracie is all but a baby herself, just a year of age. She is a petite, gorgeous medium-hair brown tabby.

With good food and care, Gracie recovered physically from the ordeal, but emotionally she is still scarred.

She has a very graceful manner and endearing spirit.

Gracie is now spayed and ready for adoption. She needs and deserves a very committed, lifelong, gentle, and strictly indoor-only home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I need a new daddy (or mommy).

Update: Chanel was adopted on July 25th!

is a petite, very sweet, outgoing youngster with a zest for life.

She is a Miniature Pinscher, spayed female, approximately one year of age.

Chanel needed rescue when her daddy died.

Chanel is housetrained (with a doggie door), crate-trained, and compatible with cats and dogs and mature children.

Like all of the adoptable dogs at Nevada SPCA, she goes home with numerous adoption benefits. Besides beings spayed, she is up-to-date on major vaccines and microchipped. She goes home with a free bag of Science Diet food and a complimentary veterinary check-up.

Chanel debuts for adoption today.

Will you please love me forever?

Update: Luke was adopted on July 24th!

Luke is a tender-hearted puppy.

He craves affection and he is eager to bond with you and get reassurance that you are happy with him.

Luke is a German Shepherd mix, neutered male, approximately 3-4 months of age. We expect him to grow to become a large, handsome boy.

Luke is "95%" housetrained already and he enjoys the company of other friendly dogs.

German Shepherd knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred for him (due to intelligence, strength, and basic training needs).

Luke is ready to meet you today in Nevada SPCA's courtyard.

Help me forget the past and focus on a bright future.

Update: Ziggy was adopted on August 4th!

What in the world was duct tape doing on Ziggy's backlegs?

God only knows what this sensitive little boy has endured.

At the time of Ziggy's rescue, among his knots and tangles were strips of thick tape and he was very head-shy - so worried we would hit him.

But we only have love for this sweetheart, and he quickly understood this and began trusting us.

With time and patience in an experienced, quieter home with a stable routine, Ziggy will continue blooming beautifully.

Ziggy is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel & Poodle mix), neutered male, approximately 3 years young.

He is good with other dogs and needs regular grooming care.

Ziggy is one of two dozen rescued dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Adopt this innocent boy and ensure he never experiences the darker side of human nature again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

They were dangerously reckless with our lives.

Update #2: Alice was updated on July 24th!

Update: Alice remains available for adoption. Flo, Mel, Tommy, and Vera were adopted on July 23rd!

A box in a grocery store parking lot on a hot summer day.

The sign on it said: "Free to good homes."

Inside, Mel (pictured here) and his brothers and sisters, yipping and panting, awaiting their fates.

Heat stroke and exhaustion claims lives every summer when people try to hand away animals to strangers in store parking lots and parks. Of course, that is only one of many dangers to animals who are discarded like that.

We rescued the puppies and placed them in a very caring foster home to recover from the heat and receive gentle care and socialization. All began to thrive, and survived.

Mel and his siblings have now been spayed and neutered and they are ready for adoption into loving, forever homes.

They are Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies, approximately 3 months of age.

They can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair for lifetime companionship.

We are seeking very committed, experienced homes for Mel and the other puppies with owners/guardians who are knowledgeable about Labradors and understand that each is expected to grow to large size.

I am bursting with enthusiasm.

Update: Jasper was adopted on July 24th!

is a very cheery, excitable, fun-loving, and super cute boy.

He is a Pekingese, neutered male, 4 years of age.

Besides his outstanding personality, he is also well-behaved. Jasper is housetrained, good with dogs and cats, and he enjoys being with older, mature kids.

Jasper lost his home because he reportedly played too rough with the family's toddler.

The ideal new owner/guardian for Jasper will be someone knowledgeable about Pekingeses and committed to regular grooming care (so budget extra).

Please come meet him. He debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love kind children.

Update: Dakota was adopted on July 25th!

is a gorgeous Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, full of pizzazz.

She has a jubilant, affectionate nature, and she is eager to please.

Dakota is spayed and approximately 10 months of age. She is reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door) and crate-trained.

Her record with other dogs is mixed. She reportedly is great with other larger dogs, but too rough with smaller ones. The reason she lost her home was due to incompatibility with a small, senior dog.

Dakota adores mature children and she is used to being around kids 10 years and older.

As with all dogs in our extreme desert climate in southern Nevada, Dakota needs to live primarily indoors so that she will be safe from extreme heat and able to live properly as a member of the family. There can be no hesitation with an adopter's willingness to permit dogs to live mainly indoors.

Let me melt your heart.

Update: Nala was adopted on July 23rd!

is an intelligent puppy with a bubbly personality.

She is an apricot Standard Poodle, spayed female, approximately 8 months of age. She is still growing and well on her way to being large-sized.

Besides regular grooming, Standard Poodles are known for being quite smart, so breed knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred.

Nala was surrendered to us because her owner was having difficult with her housetraining.

There is no substitute for a stable routine with housetraining, which also takes patience. We have no doubt Nala will housetrain successfully and promptly once she is on a regular schedule that she can count on.

Nala debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Joy for life.

Update: Carnival & Cameron were adopted together on August 1st!

(pictured here) and his brother Cameron are loving puppies, both very sweet and shy with new people.

The boys are most likely Beagle & Dachshund mixes, approximately 6 months young.

They are now neutered and ready for adoption. They can be adopted separately, but please consider keeping them together for lifelong companionship.

Carnival & Cameron needed rescue when their previous owner refused to pay his veterinary bill and abandoned them at a veterinary clinic. Thankfully, the clinic contacted us so that the boys could be adopted to wonderful new homes.

Carnival & Cameron debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA, along with a dozen other dogs. Please come meet these sweethearts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I would love to bond with another rabbit for lifelong companionship.

Social like we are, rabbits generally also long to be with others of their kind, and enjoy developing long-time bonds that grow and bloom.

Annie is spayed. Breeding is unconscionable, especially in this extremely severe animal overpopulation crisis in southern Nevada.

But bunnies are social, regardless of fertility. If you have a spayed or neutered rabbit also looking for a mate and life companion, please visit Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room and arrange a "bunny date" with the help of our staff, Brandy and Melina.

Annie is a darling youngster, approximately 18 months of age, who we rescued from another shelter. She is an American mix with a brown-gold and grey-blue coat.

Annie has excellent litter habits and she is in bliss each day with her daily greens and Timothy hay.

Annie is one of more than 70 spayed/neutered bunnies for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am anxious to share my affections with you.

Update: Valentino was adopted on July 24th!

is, indeed, a little loverboy.

He is emerging well from an emotional shell and we are very proud of the progress he is making in such a short time.

Valentino had a rotten life and knew abuse from human hands. When we rescued him from another shelter, his thick matts were hanging from his entire body, indicating many months (if not years) of severe neglect.

Valentino is a Pomeranian, neutered male, approximately 4 years young.

He debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. He is good with other sweet, friendly dogs.

Please be patient with Valentino and help him adjust to living indoors as a member of your family. Love and attention are things he is just now getting used to, and he's thriving with tender care.

Please also budget extra for regular grooming. We suggest quarterly grooming (or at least three times per year, plus proper brushing).

Valentino will do best in a gentle home, where memories of hitting and screaming and being abandoned alone in a backyard fade away fast.

I say that age is only a number.

Update: Candy was adopted on December 28th!

After we rescued this sweetheart from another shelter, we pondered her new name, trying to match it up with her personality.

Her sugary-sweet nature made the name Candy the obvious choice.

She is full of good spirit and affection, and she sometimes tries to sneak in kisses. She also wiggles her whole body when excited.

Candy is a beautiful Boxer. She is a spayed female, approximately 9 years of age, though completely young at heart.

Candy has lovely, natural ears. Thank goodness that fewer people are trying to crop dogs' ears, as well as fewer veterinarians willing to perform the unnecessary, often very painful cosmetic surgeries.

Boxer knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred for her. She is ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Candy may be best as the only dog, but we have a large courtyard for meets-and-greets if you would like her to meet your resident dog, or children for that matter.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I got bumped out of my family.

Update: Anya was adopted on December 19th!

An owner's pregnancy and/or a new human baby in the home is one of the most common reasons cited by people who give away their cats.

In most cases, this is a needless tragedy and break-up of a family, putting cats at risk who have been perfectly loving and well-behaved.

Common sense steps can almost always be taken to alleviate any owners' or doctors' real or imagined concerns.

Anya is very disconcerted over losing her loved ones when the new baby arrived. She cannot understand what happened to her, or why.

Despite her confusion and anxiety, her sweet soul is clearly evident. She is friendly and yearning for a quiet home environment.

Anya is a snow-white shorthair (though look carefully in good light and you can make out very faint tabby markings), spayed female, approximately 6 years of age.

Her blue eyes are gorgeous and piercing. We have tested her for deafness (due to the combination of an all-white coat and blue eyes), but she seems to have normal hearing in both ears.

Please come meet and adopt Anya, and provide the committed home she needs so that she is never homeless again. She is one of approximately 200 spayed/neutered cats for adoption in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Reassure me that I will be with you forever.

Pretty Boy seeks affection.

He will hop-dash to you for petting, as well as for his daily greens.

He is a very handsome bunny, an Angora, approximately one year of age.

Pretty Boy is neutered and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. He is one of more than 70 spayed/neutered rabbits available for adoption to committed, caring lifelong homes.

He needed rescue because his previous owner was unwilling or unable to provide the regular grooming that he needs.

Angoras require brushing and care for their beautiful fur, particularly on their underside which can become painfully matted.

The tangles and knots have been removed and Pretty Boy again has shining good looks. But it is his personality and love for life that especially make this youngster appealing and lovable.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are you the special one for me?

Update: Cookie was adopted on July 18th!

Like many puppies who have recovered from something devastating, Cookie is tentative, unsure whether the world is kind.

She recently had a fragile hold on life. She was very sick with the deadly parvo virus and her owner refused emergency medical care needed to save her life.

We rescued Cookie from certain death. Thanks to donations from members and supporters we had intensive care provided for her at the Dewey Veterinary Medical Center and she made a full recovery.

This is a wondrous day for this baby girl. She is now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

She is a Spaniel mix, perhaps with Toy too, spayed, and approximately 5 months of age. We believe she will either stay small or grow only to medium size in adulthood.

Cookie will do best in a gentle home. She adores other dogs, so a new big sister or big brother dog may help her adjust and feel welcome just that much faster.

To all of you who support Nevada SPCA's rescue & rehabilitation work for community animals in need, you have our deepest thanks. Your compassion is saving the lives of innocent animals, like Cookie.

You will be amazed how much love I have to share with you.

Update: Lelo was adopted on August 11th!

did not want to hold still for his portrait. He instead was more interested in getting affection and rubbing his ears and face all over us.

This spunky little boy is very people-oriented. Peace-of-mind comes with feeling like he belongs, so being included in family activities is essential.

Lelo is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel & Poodle) with a sunny personality. He is a neutered male, approximately 5 years of age.

He was rescued by a caring neighbor after he was abandoned in a foreclosed home.

Lelo is compatible with other dogs. He may be fine with older and mature kids, but he plays too rough for small children. He needs regular grooming care.

Lelo is anxious to meet you. He is bursting with a positive attitude and cannot wait to begin sharing a lifetime of love with a new person, couple, or family.

No more hitting or screaming at me.

Update: Craig was adopted on July 23rd!

Trust is something very special with Craig. And it must be earned.

While he is timid with new people and new situations, due to past abuse, he is cheery and sweet with those he knows and believes in.

We rescued Craig from another shelter, so we do not know who previously hurt him.

He revels in being with other dogs and may do best with his continued emotional recovery if there is another dog in the home for lifelong companionship.

Craig is a Miniature Poodle mix, neutered male, approximately 3 years young. He will need regular grooming care, so please budget extra.

He is one of almost two dozen dogs debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gentle angel.

Update: Cavella was adopted on August 15th!

is a loving, petite young girl with a tender soul.

She is calm and contented, preferring a gentle and quiet home environment.

Cavella has very striking dusty green eyes. She is a Dilute Calico (blue, cream, & white), spayed female, approximately two years of age.

She is showing off her "soft paws" in her portrait. These simple and inexpensive claw covers are much safer and more humane than de-clawing.

Nevada SPCA strongly opposes de-clawing (due to the pain and maiming of the cats' feet, to the resulting behavioral and medical problems which can follow the cruel procedure).

We rescued Cavella from a family who kicked her out. No reason was given for why this sweet little spirit was rejected.

Cavella is ready for adoption today in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms. Like all of the rescued cats, she is seeking a very caring and loving forever home where she will always be strictly indoors and living as a member of the family.

Can I be your snugglebug?

Update: Muffin was adopted on July 18th!

is a darling, petite, adorable little lady.

Our best guess is that she is a Poodle & Terrier mix. She is spayed and approximately 7 years of age and young at heart.

Muffin enjoys other dogs. She needs regular grooming care, so please plan accordingly.

She may need your patience and guidance (and a stable routine) to complete housetraining. Her previous owner reported that while she is crate-trained, she sometimes has accidents in the house.

Muffin needed Nevada SPCA because she lost her family due to allergies.

We strongly urge people to consult with their doctors if allergies to family companion animals is suspected. Many times people guess wrong, tragically and unnecessarily resulting in animals becoming homeless. Also, if allergies are real, there are numerous steps that can often be taken so that the family can remain together.

I am so eager to please you.

Update: Mia was adopted on July 21st!

is a gorgeous, loyal, intelligent, and well-behaved girl.

She is most likely a Belgian & German Shepherd mix, spayed female, approximately 4 years of age. She knows basic training commands and she is reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door) and crate-trained.

Mia was surrendered to Nevada SPCA due to her food aggression, which most likely was the result of her experiencing starvation and fear of death earlier in her life. This behavior was reportedly displayed around children (through nips and warnings, not bites) and other animals.

Food aggression can be successfully tackled in an experienced, adult-only home with the help of a dog training program.

With this professional guidance, Mia will undoubtedly be an exceptional companion and family member.

She looks into the eyes of those she likes and trusts and you can see that she is full of love and desperately wants you to be happy with her.

I have the greatest of smiles.

Update: Bo Bear was adopted on September 7th!

Bo Bear
is a joyous, super sweet, and fun-loving senior.

We cannot say enough about his warm smiles. His eyes brighten up and he just beams and glows.

Bo Bear is a great family dog, but the problem is he lost his family. When the family home went into foreclosure, Bo Bear lost everything and needed rescue at Nevada SPCA.

He is reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door) and good with kind children of all ages. He is compatible with other friendly dogs too.

Bo Bear is a German Shepherd mix, neutered male, approximately 10 years of age. He is one of more than a dozen dogs debuting for adoption today.

Adopt Bo Bear and you will be bringing a very bright spirit into your life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why were they trying to kill me?

Update: Rusty was adopted on July 18th!

is a very affectionate youngster with a heart of gold.

He is a chocolate & tan Miniature Pinscher mix, neutered male, approximately 18 months of age.

He is housetrained (with a doggie door), crate-trained, and compatible with both cats and dogs.

Rusty had an extremely traumatic experience with a gang of children and teenagers. They were making a game of trying to run him over with their bikes and skateboards, and laughing as he weaved and cried to avoid being crushed.

A caring adult stopped this cruelty and rescued Rusty from the gang.

He needs a gentle home, and for obvious reasons, he will do best with only adults (or much older & mature kids). Rusty debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Let's ensure that this sweetheart never sees the dark side of human nature again.

We can bring you good cheer everyday.

Update: Tom & Jerry were adopted on July 20th!

Tom & Jerry
are delightful, cute little boys with sunny personalities. They love to kiss and snuggle with you.

Both are Chihuahuas, neutered males, approximately 6-8 years of age. Tom is a Longhair Chihuahua and Jerry is a Shorthair Chihuahua.

Tom & Jerry are strongly bonded soul-mates and need to stay together forever. They are also fine with other sweet dogs.

We rescued Tom & Jerry from another shelter. We gave both dental cleanings and they debut for adoption today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I need your patience please.

Update: Ollie was adopted on July 16th!

is cautious with new people and new situations.

He wants and needs reassurance that the world is safe and kind.

Ollie appears to have come from a very caring home. He reportedly needed Nevada SPCA only because one of the children was severely allergic to him.

However, very early in his life as a young puppy, we believe he was not socialized. His skittishness should diminish with time in a patient, experienced home with a stable routine.

Ollie debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. He is a handsome Boston Terrier with a very sweet nature. He is a neutered male, approximately 2 years of age.

Ollie is housetrained (with a doggie door), fine with other friendly dogs, and reportedly compatible with mature, gentle children.

Boston Terrier knowledge and/or experience is needed for his adoption.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A bright new world awaits me!

Update: Delilah was adopted on August 22nd!

is a blooming flower, awakening to the realization that some people are loving and caring and compassionate.

Her bleak, unloved life has suddenly and radically changed, and she is bright-eyed for the new possibilities for her future.

Delilah is most likely a Lhasa Apso mix with Toy & Terrier. She is a spayed female, approximately 3 years of age.

She was in shocking condition when we rescued her. It was clear she had accumulated three years' worth of matted tangles, and they were stinky and filthy and painfully dug into her skin.

Worse yet, she was deathly sick with the dreaded parvo virus and required emergency medical care, which her previous owner, of course, refused.

We put her in immediate intensive care at the Dewey Veterinary Medical Center. After extensive treatment, she made a full recovery.

Now, Delilah is groomed and she debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. A very patient home is needed as she learns to adapt to a proper home environment, starting from scratch with basic training and guidance.

She is good with other dogs, and having another dog in the home with her as a big brother or big sister may help her adjust better.

Delilah is on a journey that will continue to surprise and astonish her. If you have a gentle touch and a quieter home, and plenty of patience, please meet her and consider being her guide and protector for the rest of her life.

I am a baby who needs tender care.

Java is a perfectly precious baby guinea pig.

She is 5 weeks of age and now ready for adoption to an experienced, quieter home.

Java and her mom (who was pregnant) and her father, were all thrown out of their previous family. The only reason we could get from the owners was that they did not want to "deal with" babies. We asked why then would they keep an adult male and adult female together . . . to which there was no answer.

Now though, Java has a golden opportunity for an exceptional home. We only want and seek loving, very committed homes for the rescued animals.

You can meet and adopt Java in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room today.

I had no chance on the streets.

Update: Holly was adopted on October 14th!

has a sweet, gentle nature.

She is a beautiful American mix bunny, spayed female, approximately 18 months of age.

Holly is ready for adoption in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room.

A compassionate couple noticed her scurrying around their yard and in the street, confused and lost, and it was clear she had nowhere to go.

They captured her and brought her to us for care, thereby saving her from starvation, dehydration, getting hit by a car, becoming prey to another animal, or worse.

Holly is one of 70 rescued, spayed/neutered bunnies for adoption today. Please come meet this darling young girl.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please be the hero I so desperately need.

Faith has enormous potential to be an angel.

But she is still trying to recover from the monster who hurt her badly and devastated her emotionally when she was a very young puppy.

We rescued Faith last year. She had been used as a "bait dog" to train an adult dog to get the taste of blood for fighting and killing. She was in torn, battered conditioned and she had a broken leg.

Her leg healed and her wounds became scars (that she will always bear), but her heart needed a lot more work.

We adopted her (as a special needs adoption) to a couple. She was not given the proper guidance, and therefore, she made little progress. Further, she reportedly developed protective behaviors for herself and her food (which is not uncommon for dogs who fear for their lives that they will experience starvation again).

Faith is now one year of age and back with us at Nevada SPCA. We had her evaluated professionally by a trainer and behaviorist. Her potential is clear. She needs a very experienced, committed adult-only home to make a strong recovery from the extreme abuse she suffered as a young puppy.

Her recovery may require professional assistance from a trainer or behaviorist, so please budget extra accordingly, and only consider her if you are certain of your commitment to providing her the assistance she needs to develop into a well-balanced, well-adjusted girl.

Faith is a medium-size Heinz 57, spayed, with unique good looks and some Bully breeding. She is housetrained and crate-trained.

She is ready for adoption and she needs a hero.

Okay, I have some quirks, but I am very lovable.

Update: Rufio was adopted on August 5th!

is quite the little character. His positive qualities are abundant. He is super cute, very playful, affectionate, housetrained, crate-trained, and generally well-behaved.

And then there are two behaviors which sometimes make him "a little stinker". First, he has a mischievous side to his personality and will reportedly sneak jumps on tables to steal a bite a food when he thinks you are not looking.

Secondly, and more importantly, he has a severe dislike of larger dogs and he refuses to tolerate them being anywhere near him. He lost his home after reportedly trying to attack a Saint Bernard in a park.

With small dogs his size though, Rufio is just fine.

For his safety and protection, it is critical that he has a lifestyle which keeps him completely away from large dogs.

Rufio debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA and he is a bundle of charm!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Will you still want me when I get big?

Update: Tubba-Love was adopted on August 24th!

is a baby pot belly pig, adorable beyond words.

He has a colorful personality and loves people, sneaking treats, going for walks in his harness (he is already housetrained), and living the good life in the air-conditioned indoors.

Tubba-Love is approximately 5-6 months young. He was neutered last week, recovered well, so he is now ready for adoption.

He is being socialized in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA. The cats do not mind him -- he only weighs 30 pounds, so he's not that much larger than the heftier cats.

But this small size will not last. He's on his way to well over 100 pounds in adulthood as he grows during the next two years.

Pot belly pig breeders frequently deceive buyers into believing that the pigs can be starved to remain small. What a repugnant notion - starving an animal to go against his or her nature - and it is also untrue. There is no doubt whatsoever that Tubba-Love will grow to an enormous size.

Besides their growth, pot belly pigs have a second substantial challenge in finding good, suitable lifelong homes. They are brilliant animals with high IQs.

We have adopted more than 30 rescued pot belly pigs to great new homes over the past few years. In every single case, regardless of how experienced and prepared they are, the adopters are stunned by the pig's intelligence. They quickly realize they have extra work to do to keep the house pig-proof for safety, as well as keep their new companion mentally stimulated.

This is why Tubba-Love reportedly needed our rescue. His owners were not equipped for such a smart animal and providing for his needs.

It is critically important not to adopt, or heaven-forbid purchase (please do not support breeding!), a pot belly pig on impulse. Pot belly pigs can live beyond 15 years of age, and a full commitment to making one a member of your family for his or her entire life is all-important.

Pot belly pigs are also prohibited in many city limits and neighborhoods. Please check into these limitations carefully as part of the planning process if you are considering a pig adoption. Most of the pig adoptions locally have been to homes in unincorporated sections of Clark County on ranches and estates.

The bottom line is that in the right home, Tubba-Love will provide a lifetime of tremendous love.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Golden eyes and golden heart.

Update: Snow Prince was adopted on July 18th!

Snow Prince
is handsome and regal, and he sure knows it! Confidence is not something he lacks.

But he is very friendly and charming, so he is grounded and not aloof. He is good with dogs too and fits in well with small groups.

His appearance is unique. Our best determination is that he is a cross between West Highland White Terrier and Cairn Terrier. He is a neutered male, approximately 2 years young.

We rescued Snow Prince from another shelter. We know very little about his background other than that he was found abandoned, roaming the streets.

Snow Prince would love to join your kingdom! He debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

I am a dazzling puppy and now on the right track.

Update: Double-07 was adopted on July 15th!

is an outgoing, fun youngster with good looks and debonair, and he enjoys the company of other dogs.

He is a Labrador Retriever mix, neutered male, approximately 10 months of age.

He had a badly broken leg when we got him. His previous owner refused medical care for him, but agreed to give him to us so that he could be saved.

Two Nevada SPCA volunteers played a critical role in his rescue. One paid for his knee surgery and the other provided foster care to give him a strong recovery.

Double-07 also began learning housetraining (with a doggie door) and basic obedience training in his foster home.

He debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. If you have another dog, please bring him or her too so the entire family can meet this wonderful young boy in our courtyard.