Sunday, May 31, 2009

I was dumped like trash but I am a treasure.

Update: Catarina was adopted on July 4th!

Catarina has a beautiful, tender soul.

She is a quiet-natured, warm grey & white shorthair, spayed female, approximately two years young.

Despite being rejected by her previous owner, she still believes in people and wants to engage your attention and affections.

Catarina is waiting to meet you in The Catnip Cabana, one of the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA. Please show her that a caring person can make a lifelong commitment to keeping her strictly indoors and loved as a family member.

My playful antics will charm you everyday.

Update: Hallie was adopted on June 27th!

Hallie is a petite, gorgeous young girl full of grace and love for people.

She is a Lynx Point Siamese with ice blue eyes, spayed female, approximately 2 years of age.

We rescued her from another shelter. She is reportedly fine with sweet cats & dogs, but incompatible with birds.

Hallie is available for adoption in The Purr Palace, one of the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA. Like all of Nevada SPCA's adoptable cats, she seeks a committed, forever home where she will live strictly indoors and be a member of the family.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am blossoming into a loverboy.

Update: Graham was adopted on June 1st!

Graham has been overcoming the damage done to his soul by a monster.

We rescued him four months ago when he was just two months of age. He had been beaten and abused, and understandably, he did not want much to do with people.

He immediately went to a foster home for recovery. Diane, his foster mom, gave him tender loving care, socialized him with other dogs, and helped him learn that some people are loving and can be trusted.

Her home and gardens were heaven for him and he became completely care-free when he played. Diane says his favorite toy is a an empty water bottle with the lid taken off.

Graham is still nervous with strangers, but very warm-hearted once he knows he's with someone safe and kind.

He is a super adorable medium-sized Terrier mix, neutered male, approximately 6 months of age. Please be sure to carefully puppy-proof your home for his safety and protection.

My love is precious.

Update: Belle was adopted on June 1st!

Belle loves to snuggle. She is an angelic, gentle, and sensitive Teacup Chihuahua.

She is a spayed female, approximately 18 months young, and she enjoys other calm and sweet dogs.

Belle needed rescue because her owner took her to a dog-sitter, but then left her there and moved away without her.

Let's ensure that Belle's heart is never broken again. It now may take her longer to trust that she can give her whole heart again.

A quieter, calmer home will be the best match for her. Belle is ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I will always make you feel loved.

Update: Wendy has been adopted!

Wendy is an engaging, affectionate youngster who yearns to bond with you and make a connection. She likes to perch high in a room -- at eye level -- and gently chirp and talk with you.

Her background is a mystery to us. We estimate that every single day in southern Nevada at least 100 cats and kittens lose their homes and families.

A caring person found Wendy outside on the streets, trying to survive the elements and vehicles and dogs and so on. We can never say enough that cats are only safe if they are indoors with loving, committed families.

Wendy is a dilute calico (blue, cream, & white), spayed female, approximately two years young. She awaits her knight in shining armor today in The Catnip Cabana, which is one of the free-roaming playrooms in Nevada SPCA's Cat Condos.

I am a survivor.

Update: Kristian was adopted on May 30th!

Kristian needed rescue when his owner refused emergency medical care for him when he contracted the deadly parvo virus. Nevada SPCA had this care provided for him, and it was extensive, and he made a full recovery.

Kristian is one of 17 puppies in May alone who needed our rescue when their owners refused emergency medical care for them at local veterinary clinics.

Thanks to donations from caring people like you, we have been able to save their lives.

Kristian is a playful puppy with a dynamic personality. He is a Bully and Retriever mix who we expect to grow to medium size. He is good with other dogs.

Kristian debuts in Adoptions today at Nevada SPCA. Please come meet and fall in love with this affectionate boy.

I will be a burst of sunshine in your life.

Update: Wendy was adopted on May 29th!

Monsters inexplicably hurt even the most adorable and innocent among us.

Wendy is a young Maltese with a sparkling personality. She wants and demands lots of attention and adoration.

A worker found her abandoned in the desert and he said it was clear she was purposefully thrown out there for an intentional killing.

Her bubbly spirit has not been crushed though. Besides loving people, she enjoys other dogs. She needs regular grooming care, so her new owner will need to budget extra accordingly.

She debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Maltese and/or Toy Breed knowledge and/or experience required.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I need to be with others of my own kind.

Update: Lil' Squirt was adopted on June 29th!

Lil' Squirt has grown to become a very large, valiant, handsome rooster. He is currently on the Pig Patio, bonding with two pot belly pigs, and awaiting his forever home.

He longs to be with chickens in a caring home environment, safe from coyotes, hawks, and other dangers.

Many months ago a family was hiking in the desert and was shocked to see a baby chick run up to the children. He danced around their feet -- urgently needing their help -- and succeeded in getting them to pick him up and rescue him.

The family brought him to Nevada SPCA for safety and named him Lil' Squirt. They had no idea how he ever landed in the desert or managed to survive there as a baby. Their best guess was that a large number of chicks were abandoned in the desert and he was the lone survivor.

During his stay with us, more than two dozen chickens have been adopted, but roosters like Lil' Squirt have a much more difficult time finding good homes.

He is most likely a Rhode Island Red mix. He is protective of his patio and quite spirited and fiesty at times, while docile and friendly on other occasions, so an experienced home is needed for him. Please visit our headquarters and ask to meet him at the front desk.

I want you to be happy with me.

Update: Glacier was adopted on May 28th!

Glacier is an exceptionally cute and adorable Siberian Husky puppy. He is neutered and approximately 3-4 months of age.

He lost his home due to something outside of his control, and probably temporary. Like many puppies, he "piddles" (releases small amounts of urine) when overly excited or nervous.

This is involuntary, so it is absolutely critical not to punish or scold him for it.

Veterinarians generally agree that full bladder control comes at approximately 6 months of age for most dogs.

Glacier debuts in Adoptions today. An owner with Siberian Husky knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred, along with a 100% commitment to dog obedience training.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things are looking up for me.

Rollie maintains a sunny and positive outlook, perhaps aware of how incredibly fortunate he is to still be alive and healthy.

Tracing his microchip ID and past contacts, we pieced together this history: Life started for Rollie and his brother Rocky in southern Lousiana in 2005. When Hurricane Katrina stuck that year, the kittens were rescued and transferred to a shelter in Illinois. They were then adopted together to what was supposed to be a forever home. But earlier this year the boys landed in a local shelter in southern Nevada and their owner failed to reclaim them. We then rescued the pair when they ran out of time.

Rocky was adopted shortly thereafter, but Rollie still awaits adoption. He is a jazzy, fun-loving, and curious boy who will dazzle you with his personality and frolicking. He is a neutered male, four years young, and good with other cats. Please come meet him today in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please choose me.

Chester is a very loving youngster, intelligent and outgoing. He is gentle and compatible with cats and dogs.

Last month at the 3rd Annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament at The Venetian Poker Room, Chester charmed the world's best poker players into giving him belly rubs and escorting him down the red carpet for adoration by a sea of photographers.

We rescued Chester from another shelter.

He is a very cute, golden-eyed Bully mix, approximately 2 years young. He is well-behaved and knows basic training commands.

Please bring the whole family and ask to meet him in our courtyard. He has an irresistible personality and joy for life.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My heart aches for my mommy.

Update: Jack was adopted on July 3rd!

Jack is battling depression. He does not know that his owner died and he is confused by not being with her anymore.

He wants someone to share his love with and, ideally, his new mom and/or dad will maintain a quiet, stable home.

Jack is a loyal and attractive small-to-medium-size Heinz 57, most likely with Rat Terrier & Beagle, neutered male, approximately 7 years of age. He likes other calm dogs.

Adopt him and make a lifetime commitment to him joining your family, and he will reward you with his whole heart.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

95 pounds of love and joy!

Update: Big Blue was adopted on November 27th!

Big Blue is like a teddy bear which has come to life. He's gentle, friendly, unassuming, and loyal.

This huge, lovable boy is so well-behaved he will make a wonderful fit into most family situations. You can trust him around kind children, and he is housetrained, plus he is good with other dogs.

Big Blue is most likely a Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky mix. He has the most beautiful eyes, one warm and brown, the other cool and blue. He is a neutered male, approximately 8 years of age.

We rescued him from another shelter.

If you are seeking an affectionate, cheerful dog for your family, please trust us that it would be a giant mistake to overlook this exceptional boy! Please come visit with Big Blue in our courtyard today.

Addendum: Big Blue was adopted, but returned due to being aggressive with cats.

The search for a forever home.

Update: Nigel was adopted on July 29th!

Nigel is an exceptionally handsome young Lionhead Rabbit who loves your attention and adoration.

We rescued this colorful boy from a pet store which had been persuaded to stop selling bunnies. The sale of unsterilized rabbits not only supports breeding, which is unconscionable considering the enormous number of homeless rabbits, it further contributes to the overpopulation crisis by releasing breeding rabbits into the community.

The adoptable rabbits at Nevada SPCA are spayed/neutered and microchipped. You can meet 70 today, including Nigel, who are ready for committed, lifelong homes in our Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room. If you are new to rabbit care, our staff can give you a free starter information pack to help you begin so that you can decide if the time is right to add a bunny to your family.

I will never forget my babies.

Little Mama is so petite that it is easy to mistake her for a kitten herself.

At just 18 months of age, she is just barely an adult. But unspayed, and living outdoors on the streets, she was bound to get pregnant and have kittens.

We do not know who stuffed her and her kittens in a box and threw them away to die. Her fragile babies did not survive this extreme cruelty. Little Mama was traumatized and weak at the time of rescue, but bounced back physically.

Emotionally, we are still working on her recovery. Her eyes reveal the toll this took on her spirit.

You can meet Little Mama today in The Purr Palace, which is one of the free-roaming playrooms in the Cat Condos at Nevada SPCA. Please help us save and protect cats and kittens in loving memory of all who pay for the dark side of human nature with their lives.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soul-mates Duke & Daisy need to stay together forever.

These friendly, gorgeous Weimaraners are not related by blood, but their exceptionally strong bond is beautiful and powerful.

Daisy, on the right, screamed for her soul-mate when they were just briefly separated for Duke's veterinary check-up. She enjoys letting him lead the way to make sure everything is safe for her.

We rescued Duke & Daisy from euthanasia at another shelter. As you know, like the vast majority of animals surrendered to shelters and rescues, the animals are completely innocent and did nothing to deserve having their lives put at risk.

Duke & Daisy are 4-6 years of age. Please come meet and adopt them today. Weimaraner knowledge and/or experience is required, as well as a full commitment to basic dog obedience training. Please also remember they are partners for life, never to be separated.

Friday, May 22, 2009

We are healed and our futures are bright.

Update: Ernie, Tessa, and Todo were all adopted on or before May 27th!

Tessa, and her brothers Ernie and Todo (on each side of her), are "The Blue Bully Puppies" and they are full of personality. They are as comical as they are precious, and as zany as they are adorable.

They are also survivors. As newborns, they were in a home but contracted the deadly parvo virus. Their owner refused emergency medical care. We rescued them, but they were extremely ill, and some of their brothers and sisters perished.

After extensive medical care, these three made a full recovery. Today, they debut in Adoptions at Nevada SPCA. They are approximately 3 months of age.

They can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair, or the trio, for lifelong companionship. They have been through so much already, so remaining together will provide them additional love and comfort, and may help them adapt to a new home that much easier.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I will love you unconditionally.

Update: Sergeant Snuggles was adopted on May 22nd!

Sergeant Snuggles is a very affectionate and very needy little boy. He likes to follow you so closely that he often gets under your feet, endangering the good three legs he has left.

This 2-year old Silky & Yorkshire Terrier mix was rescued with a crushed front right leg, which could not be saved. He has been recovering and adjusting well to life on three legs. Today he debuts in Adoptions -- he is now ready for a committed, tender forever home.

Sergeant Snuggles is good with other dogs and he needs regular grooming care. We believe he will need your patience and guidance (and a steady routine) to complete housetraining.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I will give you my heart.

Update: Chocolata was adopted on May 23rd!

Chocolata is a gentle spirit who needs a quieter, mellower lifestyle.

We rescued her from another shelter where she did not qualify for adoption due to her heart murmur. But this condition is only mild (mid-grade) and medication is not required at this time. Please consult your veterinarian for guidance and plan on a calmer home environment for her.

Chocolata is a Shih-Tzu, spayed female, approximately three years young. She is good with other dogs.

We shaved her down due to her being in filthy condition after rescue, but we expect her coat to grow back beautifully with continued good nutrition and grooming.

She is ready for adoption to a loving, caring forever home beginning today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please do not betray my trust.

Update: Harold was adopted on June 20th!

Veterinary clinics, boarding kennels, and even grooming businesses are also experiencing dramatic increases in animals being abandoned with them.

Harold, a super sweet lapcat and handsome London Tabby, was taken to a veterinary hospital under the pretenses that he would be a patient. But his owner never called again or retrieved him.

After days of waiting for the person he loved most to return, Harold was terrified and confused.

Despite being beyond capacity, we made room at Nevada SPCA for this quiet-natured, neutered boy who is approximately 3-5 years of age. He is ready for adoption today.

Please remember that Harold and the vast majority of rescued animals who need loving homes in shelters and rescues are innocent, loving beings who have done nothing wrong to deserve the rejection they receive from the families they love and depend on.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Help me to love and trust people.

Update: Tina was adopted on May 28th!

Tina is still a puppy at 11 months of age. She needs a gentle, nurturing person to show her that she is safe to believe in people again.

She fell into the hands of a monster and was the victim of human rage (physical abuse and/or screaming). The monster did not crush her spirit though, and this angelic little girl is already showing emotional improvement.

She has not bitten anyone, but we suspect she could be a fear-biter if put into a situation again that she perceives as being threatening, so an adult-only home is required for her.

Tina is good with other dogs. She is a lovely steel-blue & white Chihuahua, spayed & vaccinated & micro-chipped, and ready for a hero to adopt her today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why was I left behind?

Update: Byron was adopted on June 12th!

Like hundreds of other companion animals every single day in southern Nevada, Byron was the member of a family one day and then thrown out on the streets to fend for himself the next.

Nearly all of them too are completely innocent and have done absolutely nothing to deserve this dangerously reckless rejection.

Abandonment in relation to home foreclosure accounts for more animals needing rescue than any other factor at this time.

Byron has a tremendous amount of affection and cheer to offer a new, more committed person, couple, or family who will make a lifetime commitment to him. He is great with other cats and he sings and talks with you throughout the day. He is a large, lovable parti-colored medium hair, approximately three years young.

Please meet and adopt Byron today in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hansel and Gretel

Update: Hansel & Gretel were adopted together on September 21st!

These two young adults are a loving pair and they are bonded for life.

They were mistaken for "Easter bunnies" and, therefore, were quickly discarded after the holiday.

But the truth is they are domesticated, gentle beings who long to be members of a caring family.

Hansel is a Harlequin, neutered male, and Gretel is a Dutch, spayed female. They are both approximately 18 months of age.

They are 2 of 70 rabbits for adoption at Nevada SPCA (46 singles and 12 pairs of bonded mates). All are spayed/neutered and microchipped, with adoption fees of $35 per single and $50 per bonded pair.

Besides meeting Hansel & Gretel in Nevada SPCA's Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Room, please remember the other rescued species who all await loving forever homes too, including 50 gerbils, 9 guinea pigs, and 8 mice.

Please learn hand signals with me.

Update: Ginger Anne was adopted on May 21st!

Ginger Anne is a beautiful jewel, inside and out. She is a Bull Terrier, spayed female, two years young, and she adores people.

She is deaf and reportedly prone to ear infections. We have mixed reports on whether she has the slightest of hearing or has no hearing at all. Regardless, she needs an owner willing to take the extra precautions to keep her home & yard environments safe for her. Beyond puppy-proofing the house for her, this also includes good communication, beginning with consistent hand signals and body language. The staff and trainers can give you tips to explore and research this further.

Ginger Anne debuts in Adoptions today. She is fine with mature and kind children and she is reportedly housetrained. Bull Terrier knowledge and/or experience is required for her adoption. Please come meet this sweet angel.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Healed with tons of love.

Update: Augustus was adopted on June 26th!

For the vast majority of cats, there is no recovering from being hit by a car. But this playful and affectionate youngster had many heroes step up to give him hope again.

Augustus, like all cats, belongs safely indoors. Somewhere along the way though he was banished to outdoor living and, all too predictably, he was struck by a car and left to die in the street.

A compassionate couple scooped him up and took him to a local veterinary hospital for care. They paid for x-rays, which revealed that his rear left leg snapped in half and shifted out of alignment.

Repairing his leg required internal and external pins, and months of cage rest for healing. We agreed to his rescue and rehabilitation, thanks to the veterinary hospital reducing their fees to support his rescue, and thanks to one of our committed volunteers and supporters who paid most of his expenses.

Augustus has recovered well enough that he debuted in Adoptions today. He has a slight limp, but he moves well on his repaired leg. He is ready for his forever home, perhaps with a quieter lifestyle, so please come meet and adopt this very good-natured youngster.


Update: Winnie was adopted on May 19th!

Winnie is a precious little girl and ready for adoption today.

Last month we rescued her at a local veterinary clinic. She was very ill with the parvo virus and her owner refused emergency medical treatment for her, which would have resulted in certain death.

Thanks to donations from caring people, Nevada SPCA had that treatment provided for her, and after extensive medical care, she made a full recovery.

Winnie is a jubilant, loving puppy. She is most likely a Boxer & Bully mix, spayed female, 3 months young. Please come meet this beautiful little survivor and make sure she remains safe and loved the rest of her life.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fall in love with me.

Renoir's survival story illustrates yet another reason why cats are in danger outdoors.

Renoir fell off a roof. The person who witnessed this found him unconscious in the bushes below. He came to us in a coma, with a severe hernia, and his consciousness emerged hours later upon receiving emergency care.

He shows no sign of brain damage, so he is incredibly fortunate.

He is a very curious and adventurous neutered male, approximately two years young.

So it's indoor-only living for Renoir from now on. He is ready for adoption today and ready to share a lifetime of amusement with a committed and caring new owner/guardian. You can meet and adopt him in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Can I trust you?

Update: Shirley was adopted on May 15th!

This angel has seen the darkest side of human nature, and it has damaged her soul.

But Shirley is a gentle spirit with a loving nature. She will bloom again.

Recovering from extreme physical abuse and neglect can take months or years. She is on to a good start here, bonding with other dogs, receiving grooming care, and the tender touch of staff and volunteers who show her they love her.

Today is very special for Shirley -- she has recovered to the point where she is ready for adoption. Her recovery must continue in her new home. A "big brother or sister" dog in the home may help tremendously, especially if he or she has a nurturing personality.

Shirley is a Miniature Poodle mix, spayed female, approximately 4-5 years of age. Please budget extra for regular grooming.

Please make sure Shirley only sees the better side of human nature from now on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conquering fear & learning to trust people again.

Update: Jay was adopted on May 14th!

Jay is very much like the majority of dogs we rescue from other shelters. They are traumatized and confused by being rejected from their families, and sometimes they are needing to heal emotionally too from being hurt by those who they trusted.

Jay was at another shelter, hiding and shaking in the back of his kennel. We knew with love, time, patience, and a steady routine, he would open his heart again and begin to trust us to care for him and ensure that he is adopted into a committed home.

He is improving all the time, but like all of us, he remains a work in progress. He sure loves when the volunteers walk and play with him every day.

Jay is great with other dogs. He is a uniquely handsome small mixed breed, perhaps with Spaniel & Terrier & Toy, approximately 2-3 years young.

Helping him continue to emerge from his shell and become the best boy he can be will give you lifelong rewards and his whole-hearted devotion.

Intelligent, friendly, loving -- pigs are amazing!

Jellybean's eyes reveal both his wisdom and his fun-loving nature. When we arrive at his "Pig Pen" with treats or affection, he sprints over to us in a dash.

He is well socialized with goats, sheep, chickens, and other pot belly pigs, including Francesca, who is pictured below him here.

Jellybean & Francesca are two of the seven pot belly pigs at Nevada SPCA, five of whom are spayed/neutered and ready for adoption. All seven are the result of various families buying them at swap meets or pet stores as babies, unprepared for their brilliance and large adult sizes.

Despite being wonderful, social animals, pigs are the hardest species for us to adopt (of the 15-20 domesticated species we typically rescue in the community). This is in part due to restrictions with some home owners' associations and some municipalities which disallow them living in residential areas.

If you have the space and ability to welcome into your family an animal with the intelligence of a dolphin (nearly) and loving capacities of dogs & cats, please research pot belly pig care and come see us to meet Jellybean, Francesca, and the other rescued pigs.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seeking a new soul-mate for the most loving of cats.

Update: Piglet was adopted on August 22nd!

As you know, there are cats who just tolerate other felines, those who bond and build strong relationships with other cats, and then there are those like this loving boy who absolutely adore others of his kind.

"Piglet" is the name the staff affectionately gave to this giant 20-pound cream & white shorthair at the time of his rescue. He immediately enjoyed the social opportunities of The Purr Palace free-roaming Cat Condo playroom.

But he found his soul-mate with another rescued cat -- a jazzy, slender boy named Elvis. They ate together, played together, and Piglet cradled Elvis in his arms during their frequent catnaps.

Last week we sent Elvis to one of the great local veterinary clinics which assist Nevada SPCA animals in order to have his teeth cleaned. His preliminary blood panel indicated he was fit for surgery despite his older age. But, unexpectedly, Elvis died while under anesthesia.

Piglet misses his buddy. Staff and volunteers have been in overdrive giving him attention and encouraging him to bond with new cats in The Purr Palace.

If your cat is like Piglet, and cherishes other cats with all his or her heart, please come meet him and consider having him join your home. Piglet has a world of love to share.

Free-roaming playrooms for cats.

The Purr Palace is one of seven playrooms in The Cat Condos at Nevada SPCA's headquarters.

The open setting of the rooms gives cats freedom to socialize with one another, greet people as they choose, eat & nap at their leisure, watch birds and visitors through the windows, and live in a less stressful and more colorful, comfortable environment than a cage until they are adopted into lifelong homes.

For potential adopters, the playrooms enable them to better assess a cat's personality and temperament, determine which ones enjoy children, and meet a larger number of adoptable cats in a home-like setting.

If you want to meet only a limited number of cats who match the personality and temperament you seek, please speak with an adoption counselor for assistance. They get to know the individuals for adoption well and can introduce you to specific cats who may be a match to join you and your family.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cherishing the gentle spirit of a senior.

Update: Scooter was adopted on December 14th!

Scooter, who we refer to as "Loving Scooter" due to his sweet soul, is one of the many seniors here at Nevada SPCA who yearn for caring homes late in their lives.

Most are like Loving Scooter and did absolutely nothing wrong. Someone failed them, and they are the innocent victims.

Loving Scooter is a 12-year old Silky Terrier who is good with calm dogs. We rescued him from another shelter, where he did not qualify for adoption due to his age. But he is full of love, and certainly not ready to die, so we were very happy to welcome him with open arms into the safety of Nevada SPCA.

If a calmer, quieter sweetheart is a match for your family, please give extra consideration to adopting a senior. They too have a world of unconditional devotion to share.

Dog training -- the next class begins May 30th.

Maria Hosmer's Dog-E-Mom Dog Training has some open positions for the "Behaved Beginner" basic class which begins on Saturday, May 30th, 9:30-11am.

Please contact Maria directly for more information at 423-7227, or by email at, or see our Dog Training page.

Nevada SPCA adopters and members receive a 10% discount to her very reasonable fees.

Nevada SPCA is very proud to partner with Maria. Her training programs work and she is committed to helping keep animals in loving homes forever.

Save the date!

Please plan to join us October 10th (a Saturday) for the 3rd Annual Family, Fur, & Fun Festival in Summerlin Center Community Park, 10am-4pm, 1800 S. Town Centre Drive, Las Vegas.

This landmark event is perfect for the whole family. Children earn Animal Hero Badges by participating in activities at the festival designed to increase their awareness of and appreciation for animals.

In addition, you can bring your dog(s) for low-cost microchipping, a pet portrait (courtesy of Petographique), dog training tips, and much more.

Admission to the festival is free. Proceeds raised from sponsorships and low-cost services fund Nevada SPCA's humane education work. The previous two festivals resulted in the creation of humane education workbooks and funsheets for thousands of students throughout the community. The event is organized and run by volunteers to ensure that the proceeds benefit the animals.

For more information and sponsorships, please visit the Family, Fur, & Fun website.

50 rescued bunnies for adoption.

Update: We now have 70 rabbits for adoption. Devyn & Daphne are still available.

Devyn & Daphne, brother & sister, are two baby Dwarf mix bunnies. They are spayed/neutered and ready for adoption today.

Please see Brandy or Yuri in our Rescued Rabbit & Guinea Pig Room for assistance.

Rejected "Easter Bunnies" are coming to us on a daily basis already, and this tragic annual trend worsens in the summer season. We are now up to 50 rescued rabbits.

Each need to live indoors with families who understand they are loving beings with feelings and needs, not toys or decorations or holiday gimmick gifts.

If at all possible, remember to consider adopting a pair. Rabbits are social animals who usually thrive with a bonded mate.

A tender touch for those with a fragile hold on life.

Our greatest need is for gentle, caring foster parents to help with newborn kittens, as well as feline moms and their litters.

We're finding kittens in the streets, in parks, abandoned and sometimes injured, and not uncommonly, even found thrown away like trash in dumpsters.

Delicately grasping at life, they need the tender loving care of a home environment, rather than a shelter environment, until they are old enough or well enough for spaying/neutering and other preparations for adoption into lifelong homes.

Setting aside a bedroom or bathroom in your home temporarily can begin to make the difference of life and death for these animals in emergency need.

Our staff will be happy to help match you up with those who need the care you can provide. For more information, please call our headquarters at 873-SPCA (7722) or see our Foster page on the website. Thank you.