Wally, baby boy saved from the Grand Canyon.

July 14, at Nevada SPCA

July 13, preparing to board the helicopter

July 13, inside the helicopter

July 13, exhausted and asleep after his journey
Wally, saved by an extraordinary rescue in the Grand Canyon, needs a loving and nurturing foster home.

A heroic young couple, Elizabeth & Ian from Washington, D.C., were backpacking 10 miles deep into the Grand Canyon when they found this baby boy. Wally was hungry, thirsty, and covered in fleas and ticks. He accepted the compassion from the couple and began wagging his tail as they comforted him and talked sweet.

Elizabeth & Ian were prepared to hike back 10 miles with him in their arms, willing to do anything necessary to save his life. They succeeded in convincing an emergency helicopter service to fly Wally out of the canyon. They snuck him into their hotel for the night and then brought him to Nevada SPCA first thing this morning.

Wally enjoys being held and kind voices are exceptionally important to him. If you can help foster him for a few weeks of socialization (and as he gets more rounds of puppy vaccines), please visit Nevada SPCA in person and ask for Joellyn.

We cannot say enough about the dedication of Elizabeth & Ian. We hope they inspire countless others to feel empowered to help innocent lives in peril.

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