Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Unprecedented 63 rescued kittens need foster homes!



Heroes needed please!!

An unprecedented 63 rescued kittens need foster homes!

The babies range from newborns to 12 weeks of age, and some are eating on their own while others need bottle feeding. If you can help, please visit Nevada SPCA in person and ask for Lauren.

Rainey, only 3 days old, is one of four kittens born by her mother just hours after being abandoned in a crate in a parking lot. (Mom is taking good care of her babies and will remain with them.)

Harlie is one of six kittens found abandoned outside of a motorcycle store. She is 7 weeks of age.

Charlie and his three siblings are fun-loving babies eager to play and sprint around rooms and bond with caretakers.

Please share the animals' post to help. Thank you.