Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Titan & Goliath



Titan & Goliath, gentle and enormous soul-mates -- 250 total pounds of Saint Bernard -- welcome grooming and care in the morning breeze by some of their caretakers.

The boys were found by a landlord in horrific, neglected condition. Her tenants had evacuated the home, left the country, and abandoned the boys in the backyard without food or water.

Titan & Goliath are 8 years of age, neutered, and very easy-going. They are deeply grateful for all kindness. They debut for a hero adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Both boys have weak hips and need continuing joint care supplements. Titan can walk only the shortest of distances, so we are transporting him around the shelter by wagon or flatbed. Goliath can walk longer distances, but only if he gets relaxing breaks along the way.

With premium food, medications, and exercise, we hope and expect both boys to continue improving and experiencing quality of life. 
Please share their pictures and story to help them find a hero who will bless them with enormous kindness and understanding.