Saturday, March 18, 2017


Colleen, a young angel, reveals devastating pain in her eyes. She does not yet realize that she is forever safe from violence.

Colleen is a tender-hearted Terri-Poo, 2 years of age, good with other dogs, now spayed and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

*** Sensitive Reader Warning ***

At the time of rescue Colleen was witnessed being punched repeatedly in the face by a dog breeder. The witnesses were so traumatized by the evil rage they did not think to get his license plate number (to submit to government authorities for prosecution). But the witnesses were successful in rescuing Colleen and five other dogs he was exploiting for the breeding of puppies to sell.

Fast movements and loud voices understandably terrify Colleen. Please be extraordinarily patient, comforting, and understanding as she adjusts to you, your loving home, and your lifestyle routine.