Monday, September 28, 2015

Demi and her sons.

Demi and her sons, Benny and Gabe, are ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Like their mother, the baby boys (3 months, neutered) have extra toes (polydactyl). 

Demi was pregnant at the time of rescue.  She raised her kittens in a loving foster home. 

Demi is 4 years of age, very affectionate, and now spayed. 

The boys are sporty and love all of their toys.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gabrielle and her three sons.

Gabrielle and her three sons -- Benoit, Marcel, and Pierre -- debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

All four Toy Poodle mixes are tiny, especially Gabrielle (5 pounds), and exceptionally timid, but they melt into your hands when you hold them sweetly. 

We rescued them from another shelter that asked for our help due to their horrific neglect (matting across their eyes and entire bodies).  Their background is otherwise unknown, but it's clear Gabrielle, who is 11 years of age, has been bred repeatedly.  We believe her sons are from three different litters -- Marcel is 1 year, Pierre is 2 years, and Benoit is 3 years. 

They can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair for lifelong companionship.


Vance is remarkably gentle. 

We rescued this young Labrador Retriever mix from another shelter (that ceased its adoption program), but he doesn't yet realize he is safe. 

Vance feels so lost and insecure, but he trusts us to carry him around from place to place (all 60 pounds of him!) since he has never walked on a leash before. 

Vance is good with other dogs and we believe he will be great with mature kids.  He is ready to bloom and build confidence with more socialization. 

Vance is 2 years of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bethany's Babies!


 Bethany's Babies -- Betty, Hope, Lucille, Moon, Petie, and Tanner

Bethany's puppies are ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

You may recall Bethany's rescue in June.  She was tied up and abandoned behind a gas station.  She gave birth less than two days later.  Bethany raised her babies in a wonderful foster home.

Bethany's puppies are now 3 months of age and spayed/neutered.  Betty, Hope, Lucille and Moon are girls.  Petie and Tanner are boys.  All four are loving and playful.

Bethany remains with her foster family and they are planning on adopting her and one of her other babies!
Bethany in June with her newborns, Lucille and Tanner

We suspect the babies have at least three fathers. Lucille and Petie likely have the same father. Tanner is markedly different in breed make-up from his siblings, as is Moon. Here is a second picture of Moon, which highlights her incredibly cute freckled ears and one eye with "make-up".


Hugh & Dahlia

Hugh & Dahlia, a heartbroken pair, 12 & 14 years of age, likely son and mother, debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

They are Toy Poodles, neutered/spayed, exceptionally sweet, and good with other dogs. 

Hugh & Dahlia were saved by a veterinarian who adamantly refused their previous owner's request to have them destroyed due to being old.  (He arranged for them to come to us to be safe and to stay together.) 

Both respond wonderfully to kindness and have a world of love to share. 

Please help find a hero for Hugh & Dahlia.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Mercedes, after months of healing, is ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

She is a beautiful Siamese, 6 years of age, spayed, and best suited for a peaceful home. 

Mercedes was found in a street, in peril of being struck by vehicles, attempting to walk on her elbows.  She had been maimed/declawed and all of the remaining portions of her toes were severely infected. 

Thanks to tender foster care and veterinary care, Mercedes recovered and she can walk slowly (but she cannot run or jump). 

Please help Mercedes find a responsible, indoor-only forever home where she will be comforted and loved.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Dandy Puppies






The Dandy Puppies -- Candy, Dandy, Mandy, Pandy, Randy, and Sandy -- debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

All are girls, except for Randy, 3 months of age and spayed, with rowdy-fun and comical personalities.  Please puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety. 

A family said someone abandoned the six babies in their backyard.  Each has some light facial scarring, which is believed to most likely be the result of them playing together.  But Randy had a large and severe burn on his back (now healed). 

Please consider adopting a pair for lifelong love and companionship.

Friday, September 11, 2015

40 rescued kittens ready for adoption!




40 rescued kittens will be ready for adoption tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10am at Nevada SPCA, including these four sweethearts!

Figaro and Orion, baby brothers, were found as newborns next to a fence and wall, with their mother nowhere in sight. The boys have been lovingly raised and socialized in a foster home ever since. They are now 4 months of age and neutered. Both are sporty and playful.

Jasmine and Yasmine, baby sisters, were surrendered by their previous owner (who moved into an apartment where pets are not allowed). The girls are bashful and need more socialization, so an experienced home is a necessity for their development. They are now 3 months of age and spayed.


Toto, 11 years of age, 3 legs, and a heart of gold.

Toto is a wise, good-natured Jack Russell Terrier mix debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  He is housetrained and compatible with dogs and older kids. 

We rescued Toto from another shelter. 

He lost his hind left leg years ago (reason unknown) and we removed a lump from his hind right leg. 

Please help find Toto a stable, loving forever home where he will be dearly cherished.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ruby Rose, healed and ready for adoption!

Ruby Rose survived being run over by a car.  After months of healing, today she triumphantly debuts for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Ruby Rose is a 5-month-old kitten, spayed girl, terrific with other cats.  Please kitten-proof your home for her safety.

You may remember from a few months ago the tragedy where a woman died and the landlord dumped all of her belongings, including a mother cat and her four kittens, into the front yard.  Neighbors captured the momma cat (Heather) and three of her babies, but Ruby Rose was run over by a car before they could capture her.  Ruby Rose's pelvis was crushed. Ruby Rose needed advanced veterinary care and tender foster care. 

Heather and her three other babies have since been adopted.

Ruby Rose is spunky and chatty, and very interested in engaging with people and playing with her toys.

Jasmine and Patty


Jasmine and Patty, baby Chi-Weenie sisters, debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Their mother, Koko, was pregnant and homeless at the time of rescue.  She raised Jasmine and Patty in a loving foster home. 

Koko has since been spayed and adopted. 

Her daughters are now 3 months of age and spayed too.  Both girls are affectionate and blessed with angelic temperaments.  Please puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Napoleon & Rosie

Napoleon & Rosie are brokenhearted and traumatized by the death of their previous owner. 

Rosie, in particular, is terrified and doesn't want us to touch her, instead only wanting the comfort of her soul-mate, Napoleon

But both will soon bloom as they come to realize they are safe and getting to remain together forever.

Rosie is a Shih-Tzu, spayed girl, 3 years of age.  Napoleon is a Terrier & Toy mix, neutered boy, 1 year of age.  Both are housetrained & crate-trained and compatible with other dogs. 

Please help find a very gentle, adult-only home for Napoleon & Rosie.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Loma's heart is full of love for everyone who is kind to her. 

She offers the world's greatest gift -- unconditional devotion -- to the person who will welcome her into his/her family for life. 

Loma is a young, enthusiastic Heinz 57 with Bully & Retriever, 2 years of age, spayed girl, awaiting adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

She is housetrained and enjoys every minute of quality time with you daily. 

Loma cannot be around other dogs and requires a one-dog household. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for her stunning new portrait.


Stella's broken leg healed and she is now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

She is a wonderfully sweet junior puppy, a unique blend of many breeds, expected to remain medium size or possibly grow to large size, 7 months of age and spayed.  Please puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety.

Stella enjoys other dogs and she is drawn most to gentle people. 

When we rescued Stella in July she was at another shelter with trauma (from an unknown cause) to her hind left leg.

Andrew, Banderas, Brian



30 rescued kittens are ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA, including these three sweethearts!

Andrew, Banderas, and Brian are remarkably cute baby brothers, now 3 months of age and neutered.  Please kitten-proof your home for their safety.

They have been lovingly raised and socialized with cats and dogs in a foster home since their rescue. 

Andrew makes 'happy feet' while he rests on your lap, Banderas likes to take naps curled up in sinks, and Brian is great at playing hockey with rolled-up paper balls.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fantastic update on Cheyenne!

Happiest of greetings from former longtime resident Cheyenne, letting the dedicated volunteers and staff who helped socialize her know that she is dearly loved!

Ashley & Eric adopted Cheyenne earlier this year and they frequently take her to the lake and on camping trips.  Cheyenne fits in perfectly, even in groups up to 15 people and other dogs, and enjoys stealing people's chairs when they get up (like they had been warming up the chair for her all along).  Cheyenne's new best friend is a neighbor's dog, also a Bully mix. 

Enormous thanks to Ashley & Eric for welcoming Cheyenne into their life and giving her a forever home.  Thank you to Cyndee and the other volunteers who always believed in her and took her to fun dog training ("bootcamp") sessions to help Cheyenne realize that she belongs in this world.