Monday, February 7, 2011

What is it like to sleep in a bed and have toys to play with?

The neglect Donna has endured broke our hearts.  We are so glad to have her here so that we can find her a proper, loving forever home.

Her previous owner could no longer afford to care for her.  She was abandoned in a rabbit cage and he admitted that she lived outside (24 hours per day) in an old doghouse without any toys.

Her dull eyes are now sparkling, her spirit rejuvenating with hope and the promise of a kinder future.

Donna is a petite Chihuahua, spayed, 2 years young, debuting for adoption today.

She enjoys other dogs and mature kids.  She will need your patience and good guidance (and a stable lifestyle routine) to complete housetraining.

Please adopt Donna and shower her with love so that she never doubts her self-worth again.